In Alabama, "The Sting" Is not Just a Movie

mpeskyContributor INovember 25, 2008

The sting in Crimson Tide Country is six losses in a row to Auburn.

The sting is more hurtful because a coach decided to rub salt in the wound by simply holding his fingers up in triumph. We Tide fans have looked at those fingers all the way past "the thumb." 

Isn't taunting suppose to be an infraction? I guess that call can only be made against a player on the field and not on a coach. If coaches were subject to that rule than the refs made another bad non-call.

Tommy Tuberville opened a gate that could slam shut on those fingers. 

Maybe Coach Saban and the team will remember the insult.

I hope Bama does beat Auburn in 2008, and I hope that Coach Saban does not play gentlemanly football.

I want the score to end up Alabama 200 Auburn 0. If Bama is ahead by 199 points with 30 seconds left on the clock, I hope they go for another score. Do not take a knee; do not go for the throat; go for the fingers.

Do not try to injure anyone. Knock 'um down and help 'um up. Then knock 'um down again.

Shake hands after the game and be friends

I have no hate for Tommy T, Auburn, or its players. I just do not like coaches who show no class.