The Knicks Don't Care About Mobley's Heart Condition

Matt MartinoContributor INovember 25, 2008

Why would the New York Knicks care about Cuttino Mobley’s heart condition?

The move was strictly for salary cap issues, not because the Knicks are planning to build a championship team around Mobley and Tim Thomas.

I keep reading that the longer the Knicks study Cuttino Mobley's heart condition, the more likely it is they will void the deal and send him and Tim Thomas back to the Clippers.

Really, so the Knicks are willing to take back the $17 million owed to Zach Randolph in the summer of 2010 because Mobley (a player they will dispose of anyway) has a bad heart. I don’t think so.

Sorry Clippers fans, you’re receiving, eventually, Zach Randolph and his bloated salary.

The delay is a result of Donnie Walsh trying to finagle a lottery pick from the Clippers in light of Mobley’s condition.


No deal!

This just in: the New York Knicks decline the Zach Randolph trade—a move that would make them the front runner for the rights to LeBron James in 2010—due to breaking news that Tim Thomas has an ear infection.