Montreal Canadiens: WE WANT CHANGE!

Miah D.Senior Writer INovember 25, 2008


The other day, wandering around Youtube, I bumped on the video  by Will.I.Am on U.S. President elect, Barak Obama.


Putting aside the great idea of having a guitar playing as the background to a piece of eloquence, I was reminded of the Montreal Canadiens when i heard the people scream, “We want change!” 


Not so much on the “yes we can” though. We kept saying that through the entire summer, and it seems it hasn’t printed well in the players minds quite yet.


“Yes we can to opportunity and prosperity,” as well as scoring on the powerplay.


“We know the battle ahead will be long, but always remember, that no matter obstacles stand in our way, nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.”


But what about those who boo your name in your own building?


Yes we want change, and head coach Guy Carbonneau is working on them.


His latest move? The power play unit.


Josh Gorges played on the man advantage with Andrei Markov last night, against the Islanders. Gorges scored his first goal as a Montreal Canadien, on a feed by Alexei Kovalev.


Carey Price had shattered his stick a few practices ago to break the no-goal curse. He should probably start smashing those on other team-mates as well, to break whatever curse there is. Come on everybody, on the line!


Because the more we go on, the more the team seems to be stuck in a third dimensional game made of missed shots, penalty killing, and misfortune.


And now, it seems Ryan O’Byrne just burnt a few chances to come back from the twilight zone. The zone where fans will now keep a record on your every move and watch yourf every mistake until you score a wining goal for the team.


Yes, that was an unlucky goal, but Price couldn’t exactly go back diving on the ice (the Patrick Roy way) to save the game. At least, now he can campaign for TLC: live and learn!


However, despite the fact that I do agree with Maxime Lapierre when he says that O’Byrne shouldn’t be blamed more than any other for the loss, ( I keep wondering what that player is all about.


Matt Eichel said it right, he is not the same as last year anymore.


He has been shaky since the start of the season, and now things are getting worse. Not only for him, but also for the team. Guy Carbonneau’s job is to win games, not to play the babysitter. That is just my own humble opinion though, we will see how it goes.


Is it frustrating? Hell yeah! How can a fan pretend to be cool with the fact that his team has the most struggles in the world, to post two wins in a row?


However, frustrating but NOT desperate!


While Carbonneau must have discovered himself a new degree of tolerance that he thought he would never have, line changes, switches, and moves won’t work as long as the players do not get their minds printed with a giant "D" (not defence, although it would help, but determination).


As the coach said two years ago in a heated interview after playing Detroit, neither he nor Kirk Muller can get on the ice. Once the pre-game speech is over, there is little left to control.


It seems the players leave everything to their so-called talent. But the talent doesn’t show without a score sheet, unless we are in a league of invisible goals. In that way, the Montreal Canadiens already won a few Stanley Cups.


There has to be that sparkle, the hunger for the puck as Alexei Kovalev used to call it. Well, Saint Hubert has probably filled that hunger.


Jacques Demers can wish whatever he wants to Saku Koivu, the Captain won’t be able to defend the net, the blue line, and score all the goals by himself. Please refer to Jacques Demers’s speech at Patrick Roy’s ceremony, wishing to Koivu to win the Stanley Cup. Hum, coach, they can’t even have a decent attack.


So Santa, this year, I would like to see a much determined and motivated team. They could start wining, for a change.


I know a brand new Aston Martin DBS, 6.0 litre-V12 powered sounds easier, Santa, but come on, look at them!


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