Thanksgiving For 2009 In Advance

Richard MarshSenior Analyst INovember 25, 2008

New York's a tough town. It demands a lot from its sports teams. Making the playoffs never seems to be enough. Here it's all about championships. If either the Yankees or the Mets had a run like the Braves did, ( the Yanks were close ) it would be unacceptable. One championship in how many tries? In New York it's not enough. I just spent the weekend in and around Philadelphia. They are still going ga ga over the Phillies because they know that it might take another 28 years to win another World Series. Besides, Philly is Eagle country, make no mistake about that. By the time I left, they already have buried Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb so deep that it is very unlikely that either of them will be affiliated with that organization for the start of the 2009 season.

In New York, everything is magnified so great that even the smallest rumor becomes a back page blast at The Daily News and The New York Post. That's why everyday something new and ridiculous is being discussed on Met Blogs throughout the country. I know no more than the next guy except I have been following the Metropolitans since their inception in 1962. Here's one mans opinion why it's still Thanksgiving in Queens and beyond in the Mets nation.

First, we are in a position to be in the hunt every year. I believe we will never in my lifetime fall back into the pack where 81 - 81 is seen as a good year. This ownership and General Manager is committed to putting out a great product. It started with Pedro, then Beltran and Delgado, locking up Reyes and Wright and bringing Johan to Shea. It's far from done. The relief pitching will fall into place because when the dust clears K-Rod will be there as well as some front end of the bullpen help. I believe Orlando Hudson will be starting at 2nd base and although I'd love to have Manny, it will be Murph and Tatis in left for opening day. Ryan Church is a question mark and his name is starting to be bantered about as is Brian Schneider as well. Heillman will be traded as will Castillo and the Mets will be looking at a new # 4 or 5 despite my pleas to keep Pedro.

Be thankful that this team will be right there every September for the forseeable future. If that's not enough to be thankful for, perhaps you might enjoy rooting for the Royals, Rangers, Nationals, Reds, Orioles, Pirates, Giants, should I continue?