WWE: Miz, R-Truth Latest Victims of Overplayed Fired Storyline

Robert AitkenAnalyst ISeptember 20, 2011

The topic of conversation today has been all about what people have watched on their televisions Monday night. The fall programming season started up fully Monday night, and RAW had a lot of competition in its time slot.

To compete, RAW needed something big to happen. Not even bringing in Hugh Jackman as the guest host that night was going to do it. The writers on RAW often default to certain storylines, and their go-to storyline was seen from the top of the show. Someone was getting fired on RAW this week.

Originally, this article was going to be about why R-Truth and The Miz, otherwise known as The Awesome Truth, helped one another since banding together a few weeks ago. Instead, the two were fired at the end of Monday night's RAW telecast. This was one day after the team experienced multiple bad calls in their WWE Tag Team Championship match against AirBoom and got themselves disqualified. The two would later interfere in the CM Punk/Triple H main event, which was won by Triple H.

Earlier on Monday night, The Miz and R-Truth came to the arena in The Miz's hometown of Cleveland with their best behavior. The duo were full of apologies and willing to take any punishment dished out. Triple H fined both of them a whopping $250,000 and put them in a match with CM Punk and John Cena. The two obeyed the referee's commands in the bout, even apologizing at the beginning of the match. After their loss, they were fired by Triple H and reacted with a brawl backstage.

The fired storyline has been seen many times before, but has been leaned upon a lot lately. In past years, we have seen people such as Jim Ross, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Mick Foley and many more get handed the pink slip on live television. Just in the last calendar year, we have seen John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Kelly Kelly all get fired. All three are champions in WWE right now. Needless to say, this firing means nothing.

The Miz is still young, is a former world champion and was ranked atop the latest PWI 500 earlier this year. R-Truth, despite his older age, is on his hottest run as a heel in his entire career. Even if this was a rumor, it would be a bad one. These two aren't actually fired, just like Kevin Nash, who interfered at Night of Champions and never came up in discussions on RAW, but was released earlier this month.

I don't mind this storyline because it is a basic staple of wrestling culture. People are fired and people return from firing. It has now been turned into a joke, though.

In the opening segment of RAW, CM Punk spoke about his feelings about John Laurinitus, VP of Talent Relations. Laurinitus came to the ring and fired CM Punk, but Triple H said right after that he was not fired. If it were only that easy to be fired and unfired...

John Cena was fired from WWE last year during his feud with Nexus, only to appear the week after anyway and continue to appear until he was officially reinstated. Dolph Ziggler, at least, took a little bit of time off before popping up on RAW. It was Ziggler's way of changing brands in the long run. As for Kelly Kelly, she was fired by Vickie Guerrero and rehired a few weeks later by Theodore Long. Even John Morrison, who was never actually fired, was stated as being brought back by Triple H on the same night that CM Punk came back to WWE.

This isn't an ideal storyline for two great superstars as WWE forms its card for WrestleMania, but it will hopefully be handled legitimately. Even having their return come at Hell In A Cell would be an improvement from past firings and rehirings. These two have become sideshow acts with their bookings lately, but don't make it more of the same.

Let's start being a little bit more legitimate with our pro wrestling. With boxing on life support and MMA thriving, pro wrestling can bring fans back if they actually try to bring real life logic to storylines. Look at the attention that CM Punk's shoots brought to WWE.


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