Buffalo Bills: The 5 Most Crushing Changes in Modern Franchise History

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIISeptember 20, 2011

Buffalo Bills: The 5 Most Crushing Changes in Modern Franchise History

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    The Buffalo Bills' fans have seen many changes over the years.

    This slideshow will examine the five most crushing changes that have taken place in recent memory to the Buffalo Bills.

    There have been many great moments, however, this slideshow will look at the not-so-happy times in Bills history.

    While many Bills fans are hopeful of a turnaround, we will see from this slideshow that, if history is any indicator, things might not work out as planned.

1. The Retirement of Quarterback Jim Kelly

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    Though at the time this was seen as a major blow to the offense of the Buffalo Bills, it was not expected to be as bad as it turned out.

    The Buffalo Bills have not been able to bounce back, and are still lacking a strong quarterback that will lead the team into the future.

    Though the Bills seem content with Ryan Fitzpatrick at this point, it is likely that he will follow the same course as all of the other quarterbacks that have preceded him in recent years.

2. The Retirement of Marv Levy as Head Coach

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    Buffalo has lacked a true leader of the coaching staff since Marv Levy retired as head coach in 1997.

    Since that time, the Buffalo Bills have gone through five head coaches who have been unable to lead the team to the Super Bowl, as Levy did from 1990–1993.

    In fact, in the case of the last three head coaches, the Bills haven’t even made it to the playoffs.

3. The Re-Hiring of Marv Levy as General Manager

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    In a move that was seen by many as a huge step forward, the Bills brought the hero of the glory days, Marv Levy, back to the team.

    This move was thought to be the first step into reliving the glory days.

    However, much to the dismay of Bills fans, he was not brought back to be the head coach. Rather, Marv Levy was chosen to be the general manager of the team.

    As GM, Levy hired Dick Jauron as the head coach of the team (all Bills fans know how that worked out).  Marv Levy’s tenure as GM is seen as a failure. Many of the key players picked up during his time as GM are no longer with the team and his choice as head coach, Dick Jauron, was fired midway through the 2009 season due to poor performance.

    Levy resigned his post following the 2007 season when his contract expired.

4. The J.P. Losman / Trent Edwards Quarterback Experiment

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    J.P. Losman was chosen 22nd overall in the 2004 NFL draft.

    He was seen as a prospect for the future.

    However, in 2005 he was thrown to the wolves and named starter of the team. 

    Being thrown unprepared into the position, he lagged in performance and was replaced as the starter in the 2007 season by Trent Edwards.

    Trent was plagued by many of the same problems that Losman faced, and a quarterback controversy ensued for much of the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

    Eventually, both men were canned by the Bills and nether are signed by any NFL team at this time.

5. The Toronto Series Experiment

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    The Buffalo Bills fans have been forced to deal with a losing team for over a decade.

    With the horrible players and coaches, not to mention the horrible weather (Ralph Wilson Stadium is hardly a palace, and lacks a roof), the Bills fans are among the most loyal in the league.

    So what did the Bills' front office do in 2008 to reward the fans? They announced the start of the Buffalo Bills Toronto Series. 

    The series would consist of taking eight homes games over the next five years and have them played in Toronto.

    The series is coming to an end in 2012, but is likely to be renewed.

    Suggestion to Bills fans: start scouting a new team.