Florida State Looks for Another Multi-Win Saturday

Chris WhitmoreCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

Last Saturday, FSU seemingly won three times.  First, Myron Rolle was awarded one of 32 Rhodes Scholarships.  After the bad press from the brawl with the fraternity, the Seminoles desperately needed good press to salvage their reputation.

Then a few hours later, Boston College beat Wake Forest.  Out of the eight possible ACC Atlantic scenarios, the only one that led to FSU going to the ACC Championship game started if BC beat Wake.

FSU capped off their night with an all-around 37-3 rout of Maryland to take another step towards the ACC Championship game.  The win gave the Noles their first eight-win regular season since 2003.

This weekend, the Noles have another chance to win more than once.  On top of having archrival Florida come into Tallahassee, FSU fans will certainly be checking the score of the Maryland at Boston College game, which will kick off at the same time as FSU vs. Florida.  If Maryland wins, FSU is on its way to the ACC Championship game.

It is a possibility too, with BC's starting quarterback out for the game.  Maryland also plays much better unranked and when they have nothing to lose.

Even if the Gators beat the Seminoles, the Noles can still get a win if Maryland wins.