WWE: Triple H vs. John Laurinaitis, Possible Survivor Series Teams

Jai ShahCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2011

WWE: Triple H vs. John Laurinaitis, Possible Survivor Series Teams

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    From the fallout of Night of Champions, the big twist is obviously the firing of both The Miz and R-Truth. 

    Clearly, it's a con, simply because The Miz and R-Truth are two of the three most relevant superstars on Raw, the other arguably being CM Punk

    Relevant to the new wave of superstars, they're slowly (maybe too slowly) being pushed in the main event scene.

    The fact that they attempted to cost Triple H his position is interesting enough. 

    However, there is perhaps a higher power involved, in the form of John Laurinaitis, executive head of talent relations or whatever. 

    We've witnessed Laurinaitis communicate quite blatantly with Kevin Nash, CM Punk and it seems that there is some link between him and Awesome Truth.

    Therefore, in the build-up to Survivor Series, I personally see a Triple H team vs. a John Laurinaitis team.

    Whether the COO position is up for grabs is yet to be determined, but there seems to be development of the Triple H/COO angle.

    What interests me is all of the side stories, and whether any of them will play a part in choosing sides. 

    So, for five-a-side, here's my picks.

Team HHH: Evan Bourne

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    Without Awesome Truth, there are no really strong opponents for the Tag Team titles at Survivor Series. 

    The New Nexus or whatever they call themselves are certainly out of the picture.

    And unless the WWE fast-tracks the Kings of Wrestling via FCW, I think that Air Boom will be the only team in the WWE that is featured on TV—until Awesome Truth's situation is clarified, or The Usos are finally given a big push (a maybe, if The Rock is willing to use his influence to help them out). 

    So, I pick Evan Bourne for HHH's team.

Team HHH: Kofi Kingston

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    Same reason as the previous slide.

    Survivor Series teams generally consist of a tag team plus three singles competitors, therefore Kofi alongside Evan Bourne.

Team HHH: Triple H

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    Ok, the obvious one. He will be representing himself as part of his team. 

    Whether the COO position is up for grabs is yet to be determined, however he had a great match with CM Punk at Night of Champions, and showed no ring rust whatsoever. 

    He is the caliber of performer who can push himself and his opponents to really deliver a solid and exciting match. 

    Considering his age and lack of wrestling over the last 12 months, he doesn't show any signs of slowing down, so it would make sense that he compete rather than manage.

Team HHH: John Morrison

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    Maybe one wrestler who has nothing to do at the moment. 

    He's floating around the upper-mid card, but isn't working a feud or rivalry, and he's just used as a standby opponent for other feuds such as Ziggler-Swagger and most recently Cena-Del Rio. 

    Between now and Survivor Series, things could be a lot different for him.

    But for the moment, I see him as an addition to Triple H's team, simply because it doesn't seem that he'll be wrestling at Survivor Series otherwise. 

    He has history with both R-Truth and The Miz, two wrestlers I predict will be in the opposing team, and therefore his inclusion in the match would at least make sense, even though he is not actively feuding with either wrestler at the moment.

Team HHH: CM Punk

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    Now CM Punk is an anomaly on this team because things are very uncertain between him and HHH. 

    They both seem to have made amends to an extent, following Night of Champions.

    But because of the quality of this storyline, currently he is not aligned with HHH, and that presents a problem. 

    HHH could take everybody by surprise and nominate Alex Riley or Mick Foley for all we know, however, CM Punk is a more likely candidate for two reasons.

    He evidently doesn't like John Laurinaitis, he was attacked by The Miz and R-Truth, plus he's not in the championship picture as firmly as he was when he was fueding with Cena, so he may not be in the title match. 

    The only issue between HHH and Punk is that there has been no firm indication that Punk would wrestle alongside HHH. 

    Sure, there was the moment they both attacked Awesome Truth, but that doesn't really mean too much. 

    I'll have to wait and see with this particular choice.

Team Laurinaitis: The Miz

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    An obvious choice, and for good reason. 

    I can see Laurinaitis reinstating both The Miz and R-Truth, and employing them as henchmen to help him become the COO. 

    It would be an interesting turn of events from what we previously expected to be a return for Vince McMahon, as HHH was forced to resign as COO. 

    However, it might just be that John Laurinaitis is the man to take on the mantel of the heel boss in the WWE. 

    And if things are played out properly, The Miz and Maryse may be the new power couple in the WWE, opposite CM Punk and Beth Phoenix?

Team Laurinaitis: R-Truth

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    Again, exactly the same reason as The Miz, with the exception of the power couple aspect. 

Team Laurinaitis: Kevin Nash

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    Now, this is the choice that I'm personally debating about. 

    Nash is almost certainly tangled in a storyline involving either HHH, CM Punk or both of them. 

    The problem that I am having, is that I'm never sure what to expect with Nash. 

    Not because he's still a revolutionary character, not because of his promo work, nor his relationship with The Kliq. 

    Simply because he is ridiculously injury-prone, and looks quite out of shape in the ring.

    Also, is he really important to a storyline? 

    When he was fired, and it looked to be just HHH vs. Punk, I was definitely a lot more interested, as it was a very direct and personal feud, rather than a confused mess.

    That's my issue with involving too many people in a feud over a short space of time. 

    So many fans wish for longer and more in-depth feuds, and the key to making them work is slowly adding extras and developing them, rather than adding wrestlers too quickly, without any real reason. 

    Even the Nexus angle got interesting for a moment when out of nowhere they added CM Punk, after several months, even though in the end it was dropped completely.

    Either way, I would expect Nash to be a part of the match, unless he's injured or unfit to wrestle (no comments please).

Team Laurinaitis: Dolph Ziggler

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    Now, my remaining two choices may seem a little unusual to some fans, however I have a simple explanation. 

    Vickie Guerrero, as perhaps the single best heel manager of the last decade, is clearly power hungry. 

    And tied in with that, she has just signed Jack Swagger as a client. 

    If creative play this out, Ziggler may not be happy, but he is clearly in need of her managerial qualities, because otherwise he will get lost in the roster. 

    And she wants to be Raw GM, or something higher up like WWE Commissioner maybe?

    So she works with Laurinaitis, therefore Ziggler and Swagger are both a part of his team. 

    Maybe a swerve at the end with either Ziggler or Swagger turning face?

Team Laurinaitis: Jack Swagger

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    Same reason as for Ziggler. 

    Swagger may have the most to gain if he were to eliminate HHH or Punk, or even attempt to turn face. 

    Out of all of the wrestlers that I have listed, for me, Swagger is the least popular with the crowd, even though he is arguably the most talented as a pure wrestler and athlete. 

    Maybe screwing HHH would help put him in the spotlight and work a feud for the WWE title.


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