Ottawa Senators' Ray Emery Hits a Rough Patch

Joe LaflecheCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2008

The buzz is going around, speculations are flying, and Ottawa Senators fans are wondering why Ray Emery’s performance has been so poor. 

It's about time someone says it straight out: Martin Gerber is good, Ray Emery is not!

Now don’t be too quick to defend Emery.  I realize that he helped his team to the Stanley Cup Finals just last year, but he most certainly is not helping them this year!
Nobody can say that he’s never been good.  But with the losses that Ottawa has endured thanks to Emery, well, maybe a little goaltender relocating shouldn’t be out of the question.

Let's just talk statistics, shall we:

Gerber has played 2017 minutes in 36 games, earning 23 wins with one shutout to nine losses and one overtime loss.  He has a goals against average of 2.65 and a save percentage of .913.  

Emery, however, has played 21 games with just eight wins, eight losses, and three overtime losses.  He has no shutouts to date.  Emery’s goals against average is 3.01 (or 0.36 more than Gerber) and he has a save percentage of .889 (or .024 less than Gerber)

In short, it’s not that Ray Emery is a has-been.  He may still have some excellent play left in him.  But with this Senators team, he’s lost his confidence and a trade might be the best thing for him right now—and for Ottawa in the long run.