Boxing KO of the Day: Ashley Sexton KO's Usman Ahmed After Crazy Ring Entrance

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After an incredibly annoying ring entrance, Usman "Uzzy" Ahmed got what he deserved and was knocked out in ferocious fashion by Ashley Sexton in Round 1 of their boxing match from January of 2010.

After acting like he was on Ecstasy at a rave and being over-the-top cocky once he got into the ring, you would think he was one of the greatest fighters in history. To be able to not only pull off the entrance, but look like he had all the confidence in the world while doing it, is a feat in it's own right.

Although neither fighter is exactly great, the KO blow delivered in this video, paired with the most obnoxious ring entrance ever, have made both of these fighters Internet stars—Uzzy obviously garnering the bigger reaction—and has landed Ahmed a spot in the boxing competition Prizefighter, which will be held in Liverpool on October 12th.

Note: I usually try to post the raw fight footage without dubbed over music over it, but in this case, the music actually did the footage justice.

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