Is Bill Cowher the Answer for the Cleveland Browns?

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

Bill Cowher has been a successful coach with the Steelers. He is an excellent motivator and players will play for him. These are the positives that have made Bill the dream of, it seems, every Browns fan.

I believe that motivation is the key missing ingredient in this Browns team. That's why I've always felt that this young Cleveland team needs a coach like Cowher. Someone who can light a fire under players and make the young ones enjoy the game that they excel at.

That said, I have reservations about bringing Bill Cowher to "the Lake." I have no questions regarding his ability to coach, that's a given. Who can tell me what kind of GM he is? No one, but he will surely hold that position for the next team he coaches. Not being given total control is what pushed him from Pittsburgh. He'll have it wherever he ends up.

He deserves to be given control. I don't want to write as if Cowher hasn't earned the contract and the power he'll enjoy with the next organization that hires him. It's just that I fear that the Browns cannot stand another failure.

I have no doubt that Bill Cowher is the best coach out there. I'm not sure that he's the best for the Browns' situation, though. Cleveland has fallen into such disarray that I fear we need "all the king's horses and all the king's men," not one king's man.

If any readers flatter me by remembering an article I wrote much earlier in the season begging Cowher to come to Cleveland, I admit to a newfound fear of taking that path. The Browns seem to be in sadder shape as each week passes. I'm afraid the rebuilding of this franchise is no longer a one-man job.

If Cowher is hired, he may very well have success with this team. No one hopes this more than I. Just remember that very few owners will allow one man total control of a team.

There are good reasons for this. Head coach and GM are two, difficult, time-consuming jobs. To give both hats to one man is a responsibility few can accept and have success with.