Raiders vs Bills Week 2: 4 Bills Who Need to Continue Their Play from Week 2

Josh TrueloveCorrespondent IIISeptember 20, 2011

Raiders vs Bills Week 2: 4 Bills Who Need to Continue Their Play from Week 2

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    The Buffalo Bills are off to an incredible start. They had a miraculous comeback against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, and they needed that to build confidence for next week.

    The Bills were absolutely flawless on offense in the second half on Sunday. They ran and passed when they wanted and where they wanted.

    Let's take a look at four Bills who need to continue their performance from Sunday for Buffalo to contend, other than the obvious ones like Fred Jackson, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson.

4. C.J. Spiller

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    C.J. Spiller had probably his best rushing performance as a Buffalo Bill on Sunday. He finished the game with four carries for 63 yards and was the change of pace from Fred Jackson that he needs to be.

    Spiller was a huge reason for Buffalo's comeback. He had big and important runs in big and important situations. Buffalo really needs Spiller to continue to play well to beat New England and to make the playoffs.

    Spiller is a great complement to Fred Jackson.

3. The Buffalo Bills Offensive Line

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    Buffalo's offensive line was a major factor in their win on Sunday. They held up all day against a tough Oakland Raider defensive line. They opened up huge holes for Fred Jackson and allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick enough time to dominate in the spread offense.

    Buffalo really needs their offensive line to keep it up if they want to continue to put up 30+ points a game. The key to every good offense is a good offensive line.

2. Scott Chandler

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    Scott Chandler has been fantastic for Buffalo. It has been a long time since the Bills have had solid play out of their tight end, but it seems they finally have it.

    Scott Chandler has caught three touchdowns in the first two games this season, and the Bills' passing game is much better with him in it.

    Oh, and the Bills' running game is much better with Scott Chandler in as well. Scott Chandler was a big reason for Fred Jackson's incredible performance on Sunday.

    The Bills need Chandler to continue to be a force on offense.

1. David Nelson

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    After trading Lee Evans, Buffalo really needed someone to step up at wide receiver. David Nelson is that someone.

    David Nelson absolutely dominated on Sunday. Fitzpatrick really trusts him and uses him as a security blanket underneath. He caught the game-winning touchdown on Sunday, and do not be surprised if he ends up leading the Bills in catches this season.

    Buffalo needs Nelson to continue to be a second option to Stevie Johnson.