Pierre Thomas For MVP

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Pierre Thomas For MVP

Stop the presses! You heard it first here at the Skip Bayless Report, Pierre Thomas, RB for the Saints is going to win the NFL MVP.

Kurt Warner? Kerry Collins? I am pretty sure both of those guys lost this week, but guess who didn't; Pierre Thomas.

Pierre Thomas was able to out rush the likes of Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister, a Heisman Trophy winner and a two time pro bowler respectively, who both combined to have 82 less rushing yards than our man Pierre.

So why am I am making this outlandish prediction of Pierre for MVP when it seems totally absurd to do so? Because I am also predicting that the Saints are going to not only win the rest of their games, but they are also going to do it on the back of Pierre Thomas who will average 357 yards in his remaining five games.

357 does seem like an odd number, but this is the number he IS going to average because it is how many yards he needs per game to break Eric Dickerson's record for rushing yards in a season of 2105. My math would put Pierre at 2110 yards for the season, and making him the savior of the city of New Orleans.

Some other noteworthy accomplishments of Pierre during this streak should include:

Week 13 @ Tampa Bay

  • Ending Robert Brooks' career.
  • Dismantling the Pirate Ship in Tampa Bay and taking it to sea.
  • Beating the Buccaneers so bad their uniforms turn into the classic creamsicle orange.

Week 14 vs. Atlanta

  • Play linebacker and effectively end Matt Ryan's season.
  • During half time, convince President Bush to give Michael Vick a pardon...Yes, he's that good.

Week 15 @ Chicago

  • Make Walter Payton roll over in his grave.
  • End Brian Urlacher's deal with Old Spice by proving that Old Spice cannot stop the sweat that just the idea of Pierre gives Urlacher.
  • Inspire Rex Grossman to not suck.

Week 16 @ Detroit

  • After running for 500 yards in the first half, he will actually switch sides and give the Lions their closest game of the season.

Week 17 vs. Carolina

  • Actually transform into a Panther and eat Julius Pepper.
  • Be ordained a Saint by the Pope himself. And by week 17 Pierre Thomas will be the Pope.

Now I am not going to predict anything in the playoffs because as we saw last year in the Super Bowl, anything can happen in the playoffs. Whereas the playoffs are not predictable the regular season is, and this all is going to happen.

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