Romeo Crennel Needs To Be Fired

Jacob WalkerCorrespondent IJune 24, 2016

Romeo Crennel has done a poor job in coaching the Browns. He did have one good season where the team went 10-6. The city of Cleveland was buzzing hoping the Browns would do better this year and make the playoffs, but now that is way out of sight, as the Browns are now 4-7 with a loss to the Houston Texans, who have been blown out on the road this many times this year.

Romeo Crennel does a poor job of deciding who deserves to start and who doesn't. He stood at a Browns press conference and lied saying Jerome Harrison would get more playing time. Harrison who is the much better running back than Jamal Lewis who is only averaging 3.7 yards a carry compared to Harrison's 8.8 yards a carry.

Romeo Crennel needs to bench Braylon Edwards, who is very bad about dropping balls this year some that are touchdowns and that are simple catches.

Overall Romeo Crennel is 20-26 which is .435 winning percentage which is terrible. I believe that I speak for all Cleveland fans when I say it's time for Romeo to go.

I also hope that in replace of Crennel that Bill Cower comes out of retirement and replaces him. Yes, I did say that I know he coached for the rival Steelers but he can turn this team around and get us going in the right direction. He has a lot more experience than Crennel and know the type of players it takes to get to the Super Bowl which is every Browns fans dream.