Dana White Blasts Referee of Mayweather-Ortiz Fight

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Dana White Blasts Referee of Mayweather-Ortiz Fight
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Dana White is not afraid to let the world know what he is feeling. He recently took to Twitter to vent his feelings about the referee that officiated the recent boxing matchup between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz.

Mayweather knocked out Ortiz on Saturday to remain undefeated, capturing the WBC welterweight title. But the finish came in a very controversial fashion. 

After an intentional head-butt from Ortiz, the fight was temporarily stopped by referee Joe Cortez. Whilst Cortez was docking a point from Ortiz, his eyesight was averted from the fighters. Ortiz, meanwhile, was apologizing to Mayweather for the foul and the two fighters touched gloves to resume fighting.

Whilst Ortiz stepped back with his guard down, Mayweather caught Ortiz with a left/right combo that left him down for the count.

However, the referee had not seen what had taken place and had to stop the fight. 

Mayweather has defended the decision and stated that Ortiz should not have left his guard down.

Dana White was quick to take to Twitter to criticize the referee:

Was that NUTS or what!?!? Dirty from both fighters and the most HORRIBLE refereeing I have EVER seen in boxing or anywhere else.

White felt that both fighters should have been walked to their respective corners, with the fight restarted properly:

Ref never sent a fighter to a neutral corner to take a point. Especially after an intentional headbutt. That's why you have a ref!

You can't blame the fighters. The ref is in there to stop that **** from happening. That is the worst ref'n I have ever seen in boxing EVER.

The controversy surrounding the fight continues to rage on.

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