Lakers Rising: Pau Gasol Brings Elite Play to Los Angeles

LakersChat.netContributor IFebruary 4, 2008

With the addition of Pau Gasol, the Lakers are now favorites to win the West. 

To be competitive and successful, the Lakers needed a triangle offense and a great passing game.  Here is what Gasol can contribute:

Gasol is a scoring threat.  This is good for Kobe because it means someone will share the responsibility.  Lamar will also benefit; he’ll be free to play his favorite offensive role: passing the ball.  Bynum will now have more room to work one-on-one under the rim, and Fisher will get more open shots.

Gasol’s arrival builds the biggest frontcourt in recent history.  The three seven-footers (Odom is an inch or two away, close enough) in the frontcourt are all able to score 15-20 points a game, pulling down 8-10 boards a night.  Those are dangerous numbers.  

The biggest problem for teams facing the Lakers?  A true small forward will have to defend Lamar Odom, while a true power forward will have to defend a tall Pau Gasol.  

Looking at all current NBA rosters, I can’t find a single team capable of dominating the Lakers’ frontcourt.

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