WWE News: The Muppets to Appear on Halloween Raw Supershow

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WWE News: The Muppets to Appear on Halloween Raw Supershow

WWE.com has posted the most wonderful announcement possible: The Muppets are coming to WWE to appear on (maybe host?) the Halloween edition of Raw Supershow to promote their new movie (simply called "The Muppets"), which opens on Thanksgiving Day.

Let me repeat myself: The Muppets.  In WWE.  On Raw.  On Halloween.

If you didn't think WWE could top Bob Barker hosting The Price Is Raw to promote his book, you were wrong.  As much as I love Bob Barker, these are The Muppets.  The Muppets on Raw have the potential to be even more awesome.

Think about that for a minute.

There are so many potentially awesome scenarios in play that my head is spinning:

  • Miss Piggy going around using her karate skills on people.
  • Someone (CM Punk?  He has a certain effect on women) vying with Kermit the Frog for Miss Piggy's affection.
  • Crazy Harry blowing up the arena.
  • Beaker being adorable while being tormented by Bunson Honeydew and his assistant Zack Ryder.
  • Gonzo sending out his chickens to interfere in a match.
  • The Swedish Chef fixing up some WWE Ice Cream Bars for CM Punk.
  • Fozzie Bear doing guest commentary and trading jokes with Jerry Lawler.
  • Rowlf and/or Electric Mayhem playing the wrestlers' entrance music.

The possibilities are endless.  It's like a fever dream of entertainment brilliance.

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