WWE Raw: Seven Twists That Could Happen in the CM Punk-Triple H Feud

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IISeptember 19, 2011

WWE Raw: Seven Twists That Could Happen in the CM Punk-Triple H Feud

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    At Night of Champions 2011, Triple H defeated CM Punk. A circus full of wrestlers, past and present, interfered in the main event causing chaos. I would venture to say that there is more confusion than ever with this feud.

    So where do we go from here? 

    Allow me to present a few possibilities on how this feud can twist and turn in the near future.

CM Punk Respects Triple for Beating Him

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    I’m not sure how likely it will be for Triple H to have gained CM Punk’s respect, but I have to entertain the possibility. Perhaps in defeat, Punk has become humble. 

    I’m sure many people think this could ever happen, but the feud has become compounded with the addition of Awesome Truth. Maybe WWE Creative will have Punk humbled and force him to team up with Triple H. Perhaps Triple H and Punk will even have a shared vision.

    A week ago Punk said he respected Triple H for firing Nash. Triple H has also commented said he and Punk are not so different. Maybe a loss for Punk will straighten him out.

    For some reason we want these two to continue to feud. I always felt the reason this whole rivalry started was weak. A text message and a few comments about Stephanie McMahon are the driving force behind this.

    The bigger picture is Punk wants changes and believes Triple H is narrow-minded like Vince McMahon. Perhaps Triple H will be the one to pick up Punk and say “I beat you, stop insulting my wife and let’s go kick everyone’s ass for interfering.”

CM Punk Cries Foul

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    A more likely scenario will be that CM Punk feels cheated. Let’s face it, he got the majority of the interference even though it seemed like everyone wanted to screw Triple H at first. However it was Punk who received the Jackknife Powerbomb and eventually lost.

    Punk could cry foul and say he wants a rematch at Hell in a Cell where no one can interfere.  However, would Triple H put his job on the line again?

    We all understand that Triple H wanted to kick Punk’s behind for insulting his wife, and he accomplished that at Night of Champions. 

    Punk does not need a clean win over Triple H to validate himself. His motivation was to cause Triple H to lose his job as COO because he felt he acted like Vince McMahon. So if Punk does in fact want a rematch, I would expect he would want Triple H’s job on the line. Again.

Triple H Wants a Rematch Due to Interference

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    Triple H may have won the match against CM Punk, but did the win satisfy him?  With all of the interference, I felt like the match was just pure chaos. Triple H may feel like Punk never got a fair shot and wants to take him on at Hell in a Cell.

    I would not be shocked to see Triple H come out and say he wants a rematch despite winning.

    If this was to happen I may wince.  We have a rivalry between Triple H and Punk, with a cloud of chaos and confusion surrounding it. I honestly want more answers and less rematches right now. 

Triple H/CM Punk Form an Alliance

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    Perhaps now that CM Punk and Triple H have common enemies they will form an alliance. Maybe they will find it necessary to stand side by side until they can get rid of Kevin Nash and Awesome Truth and once they do, they can resume their feud.

    This seems like the hot pick on the internet.  Everyone wants to see Triple H and Punk get on the same page and fight off everyone else. 


    Kevin Nash’s involvement continues to create an unnecessary third party. Instead of focusing on Triple H and Punk, we always ask, “Why is Kevin Nash here?”

    I still cannot figure out why Nash hates Punk so much. His hatred of Punk has now made him an enemy of Triple H as well. So, Nash has inserted himself to cause chaos for no visible reason.

    I often think WWE Creative only creates confusion. An alliance between Triple H and Punk will only continue to make us scratch our heads.

Awesome Truth and Kevin Nash Form a Stable

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    For those hoping for the rebirth of the NWO, you now have a springboard to leap off.  With Awesome Truth interfering in the main event at Night of Champions, we can now begin the theories of a new NWO headed up by Nash. 

    Although I do not want to see this, I have to agree that it is at least very possible. Nash and Awesome Truth a could try to take over the WWE, starting with Punk and Triple H.

    By highlighting the conspiracy theory, the WWE could have the new stable fight for what they believe is rightfully theirs.

    I shudder to think that the new stable could be the team that John Cena and the Rock take on at Survivor Series.

Awesome Truth and Kevin Nash Have Separate Agendas

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    Awesome Truth and Kevin Nash both interfered in the Main Event at Night of Champions. This does not ensure that the two sides are on the same page because they may have different motivations.

    The only reason Awesome Truth interfered is because they feel cheated and hold Triple H responsible for this. Because of this, they wanted him to lose his job as COO.

    Nash's reasons for interfering were different from Awesome Truth's. He interfered because he was upset by his firing by Triple H and the taunting by CM Punk. It's still unclear who he hates more.

    Some have Nash pegged to create a new stable that would include Awesome Truth. 

    This could be the beginning of a new stable. It also could be just a coincidence.

John Laurinaitis Leads an Internal Takeover

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    Ok WWE, we understand that John Laurinaitis has a cell phone. I saw him texting like a 12-year-old girl all night. Obviously the man is plotting against someone, but who?

    Nash leading a stable has been speculated for weeks, but maybe it is Laurinaitis that is controlling everything. Perhaps he will be the one to lead an internal revolution against Triple H. 

    All this would do is bring about more questions. 

    For instance, if Johnny Ace wanted to move against Triple H then why wouldn’t CM Punk join him? Laurinaitis seems to want Triple H out of the picture, because as senior vice president he may be next in line as COO.

    Or, Old Johnny Ace may be the one to create and direct the next stable. He could have Nash and Awesome Truth at his disposal.  

    I would rather not see this, because I do not want Triple H to be the good guy when this ends.  The focus needs to be more on Punk and less on everyone else. The truth is though I want to see Punk get in the title picture, not fighting a bunch of ageing has-beens. 

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