Jonah Hill Says He Wants To Be Mark Sanchez in Interview About 'Moneyball'

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Bleacher Report caught up with Jonah Hill, a star in the new movie Moneyball. The film opens all around the nation on Sept. 23. 

Before Moneyball hits theaters, Jonah Hill took some time out to sit down with Bleacher Report for a one-on-one exclusive interview. We find out about his original love for the New York Jets and get him to tell us which football player he'd most like to play in a movie. Check out why Mark Sanchez would be the character he would want to play.

Hill also told Bleacher Report about his longtime love of the Los Angeles Lakers and how he's been a lifelong fan and not just a bandwagon one. 

We also discover what's Hill’s favorite scene in Moneyball, and he talks about the special connection he found between himself and the character of Peter Brand, who he portrays in the film. 

Enjoy this exclusive one-on-one interview with Moneyball star Jonah Hill. Go check out the movie when it hits theaters on Sept. 23—you won't want to miss it. It's like The Social Network of sports movies, and it's awesome. 

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