Bill Belichick: Classless Coach

Scott OttersenCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2008

I have to say that watching the Patriots lose last night's Super Bowl was probably my best experience as a sports spectator.

I am a Boston hater, having no reservations, whatsoever, about saying so.  I'm not a New York Giants fan, so I really wasn't rooting for them to win—I just didn't want to see the Patriots go 19-0 and have to hear them eternally lauded as the Greatest Team Ever.

Yes, I give props to this team.  I respect everything that they accomplished during the season and recognize them as one of the best teams ever to suit up.  But I just didn't want to hear about their perfect season for the rest of my life. 

Had they gone 15-1 this season I would not have been so hopeful that they lose—still, I would have rooted against them.

But in no way did I expect to see what happened with just one second left on the game clock.

With possession switching over to the Giants to down the ball one last time and win the Super Bowl title, Bill Belichick walked off the field.

No one can tell me he thought the game was over—I don't want to hear that excuse.  As great a coach as he is, Belichick knows the rules of change of possession.  He knows that the game cannot end until that last snap is taken and the clock winds down to triple zeroes.

But there he was, walking off the field like a sore loser.

How can I respect him anymore?  Sure, I can respect Belichick as a great coach, but as a man? 

Never again.

It's despicable to think that one of the game's greatest coaches would disrespect the opposing team's coach, the opposing team's players, his own players, the NFL, the Super Bowl, and himself in this way.

Everyone jumped on Randy Moss when he left the playing field with two seconds left in a game back in 2004, but I'm guessing things are going to be different for Bill Belichick.  

Of course, I’m still hoping that the media tears him apart for this.  He deserves it.

After the running up of the scores this season and making other coaches watch as his team finished their opponents off early and often, he decided he was above the game and would not watch his team lose.  

I understand that it is human nature to reject defeat, and to never want to lose.  But walking off the field before the game has ended is a poor show of class.  And I won't say that he epitomizes what Boston stands for, but you know I'm thinking it.

Few of my friends are Boston fans, but the ones who are have all said similar statements, following the loss, "Well, we've won three Super Bowls in the last six years, and two World Series in the last four years." 

To me, this sounds like the kind of talk Boston fans have held against us New York supporters (I'm a Yankees fan).  Every time our history of titles was brought up, Boston fans would criticize us for counting on our proven track record as a crutch.  

Well, who is falling back on past success now?  You have become everything you despised.  So I say, welcome to the club!

But I urge you, do not accept this behavior from your coach.

Also, on a side note, I sure hope you took heed of my advice and placed your money on the New York Giants.  I placed my bet on the Patriots to win, and what do you know?  They lost!!  It's a glorious loss of money for me, but seeing as I won a couple prop bets, I still pulled out in the black.

What a great Super Bowl.  

Until next year.


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