WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results: What's Next for Beth Phoenix After Loss?

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIISeptember 19, 2011

Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix last night to retain her Diva’s Champion at the PPV Night of Champions. Beth may have been in her hometown, but that did not stop Kelly Kelly’s determination to retain her Championship. 

This marks the second loss for Beth against Kelly Kelly on her quest to end Kelly’s rein and win the Diva’s Championship. Kelly must be feeling pretty happy with herself right now, whereas Beth cannot help but feel rather frustrated and confused. 

Beth, once the most dominate women’s wrestler in WWE, is now losing matches to Kelly Kelly—the woman no one thought would last long within the company, let alone become the Diva’s Champion and defeat Beth at two PPVs in a row. 

These two wins establish WWE’s belief in Kelly—not that anyone had any doubt of their faith in her—and clarify her improvement and strength in the ring. 

But I do not think this is the only thing that her wins over Beth represents. I think the most important thing to take away from it is how she represents the underdog and how they can overcome the odds despite what everyone says and believes. 

Kelly can only go from strength to strength from this win, unless she loses her belt in a shamble of a match. But if WWE stick with the momentum they are building for Kelly, then not only does this make her look stronger, it also builds the Championship's credibility. 

Beth definitely should not be cast aside now that she has lost twice to Kelly, but instead, they should use this chance to develop her character more. 

Now that Kelly has defeated Beth twice, she could go on to face Beth’s tag team partner Natalya. Beth could become frustrated that Natalya is getting a championship opportunity, thus causing tension to rise between the two. This could then lead on to there being a three-way dance for the Diva’s championship. 

This creates more interest in the Diva’s division and championship, because let’s face it, the division needs to shift away from just having single, tag matches and the occasional battle royal. 

Or Beth could chose to focus on her tag team, The Divas of Doom, and decide to take down the "bimbos" of WWE with Natalya. They could focus on a different Diva each month that they want to destroy.

Either way, I think it is important that WWE chooses to stick with Beth’s motivation of cleaning the Diva’s locker of bimbos, because it’s a storyline that many fans are enjoying.