Go Yankees? Asked The Yankee Fan

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Go Yankees? Asked The Yankee Fan
Earlier this season, if anyone had said the Yankees would have a big say in who would be the AL Wild Card team this year, you would have thought they meant fighting off the Rays and Angels in order to win it, right? Well, here we are going into the last week and a half of the season, and it's the Boston Red Sox who are doing the fighting. They're desperately fighting off a Rays team who, going into today, is only 2 games behind.

Those Rays have 7 (and the Red Sox have 3) games remaining with the Yankees, whose magic number to clinch a playoff spot is 5 and 7 to win the division. That leaves me in a quandary.

In my last post I expressed my hope that the Red Sox would be knocked out of playoff contention and I was very happy that the Rays did their part this past weekend to make that happen. But, do I really want the Yankees to do their part? Do I really want the Yankees to lose to the Rays, and put their own playoff chances in jeopardy? Of course not.

So I have to root for the Yankees to win these 7 games (or, most of them). In so doing, I am indirectly rooting for the Red Sox.

Ugh. I think I'm going to be sick.

LATB POLL RESULTS:  Voter apathy was the story in the latest LATB Poll, which asked if pitchers should be ineligible to win the MVP award. Only 12 people were interested enough to vote. Of those 12, only 3 said they should be ineligible for the award.  Perhaps Justin Verlander's 24 wins have made this a non-issue.

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