Michael Vick Concussion and Tony Romo Injury Complicate Fantasy Football

Gladys Louise Tyler@neverenoughgltContributor ISeptember 19, 2011

Michael Vick Concussion and Tony Romo Injury Complicate Fantasy Football

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    It is only the second week and players are dropping all around us. For your fantasy teams, this means you need to have better than adequate backups in all your positions, especially quarterbacks.

    The bad news is that everyone is going to need a backup, the good news is there are really good replacements out there. You need to sit on the Tuesday waiver wire and get your man.

    I feel the need for speed in both my pick and my player, so get to it. 

Cam Newton Throws for 400 Yards Two Weeks Straight

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    Last week I suggested you wait on Cam Newton as a waiver wire pickup.


    Here is where fantasy and reality differ. In reality he is 0-2, in fantasy land versus the Green Bay Packers, Newton passed for 432 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions.  Cam rushed for 53 yards and had one rushing touchdown.  That equaled approximately 28.6 fantasy points this week.  

    Next week the Panthers play the Jaguars who got spanked this week by the Jets, 32-3, and are14th in pass defense. PICK HIM UP!

Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills Are Working It

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    You don’t want to go the rookie route?  How about Ryan Fitzpatrick? 

    The Harvard grad, who was Grand Poo-bah on the Wonderlic, has the Buffalo Bills 2-0.  Versus Oakland, Fitzpatrick amassed 264 yards with three touchdowns and one interception.  He has accumulated 32.6 fantasy points in week one and 28.9 fantasy points in week two.  He hands the ball off to Fred Jackson and passes to Steve Johnson. 

    In week three the Bills play the New England Patriots who are currently 31 in pass defense.

Rex Grossman Predicts Washington Redskins Are Good

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    You want a quarterback who is relying on a Superbowl coach?  How about Sexy Rex? Rex Grossman of the Washington Redskins has the Redskins at 2-0.  Versus the Giants Rex had 305 passing yards and two touchdowns.  During week two he had two interceptions, but also had 291 passing yards and two touchdowns.  His fantasy stats are 22.2 points for week one and 19.1 fantasy points for week 2. 

    This week the Redskins play the Cowboys.

Quarterbacks Are Running for Their Lives

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    The early reports are that Michael Vick has a concussion, Tony Romo has a broken rib, and Jay Cutler and Matt Ryan are running for their lives in the pocket. 

    You are going to need a viable number two quarterback.  Sit on the waiver wire and pick them up!