Eagles vs. Falcons: Week 2 Game Balls and Game Goats for Philadelphia

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2011

Eagles vs. Falcons: Week 2 Game Balls and Game Goats for Philadelphia

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    The Eagles had a tough loss to the Falcons where they made a lot of mistakes.  They also lost Michael Vick to a concussion and had to use Mike Kafka in the fourth quarter. 

    With that being said, some guys really stood out and had a great game, and other guys stood out due to their extremely poor play.  So we have game ball and game goats for Week 2.  See which guys really stood out and which guys really cost the Eagles a victory in Week 2.

Game Ball: DE Trent Cole

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    Cole had a monster game, with five tackles and a sack.  More than that though, he was in the Falcons backfield all evening.  He really got a ton of pressure all game long, and for that reason, he gets a game ball for Week 2. 

    Cole's pressure from the outside helped the Eagles collapse the pocket quite a few times and also forced some errant throws.  Great game from the Eagles star defensive end.

Game Goat: OLB Jamar Chaney

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    Chaney's main job was to cover TE Tony Gonzalez, and he failed miserably at that.  Chaney also missed a couple key tackles on running backs.  I have been really high on Chaney, but this was not one of his better efforts. 

    I still say they need to move him back to MLB and move Matthews to OLB, and I think both guys would play better in those roles.  Chaney got outplayed all night by a better, veteran tight end and Chaney, who is normally a decent tackler, did a poor job tackling all night. 

Game Ball: DT Cullen Jenkins

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    Jenkins had two sacks in this game and really made an impact from the tackle position.  On the very first series of the game, he got a sack, and he hit Michael Turner for a loss on a running play.  Jenkins got a lot of pressure and did a really nice job in the middle of the Eagles line.

Game Goat: OLB Moises Fokou

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    Fokou is a starting linebacker and played the entire game, making one tackle.  That's sad.  What is even worse was that he was completely invisible the whole game. 

    I actually had to check to see if he was hurt or playing in the game in the second half because I had not heard his name the entire game.  Fokou needs to show up a lot better than he did Sunday if he wants to keep his starting job.

Game Ball: OT Jason Peters

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    Jason Peters did commit his usual false start, but he had a really good game on the line.  He made a couple huge blocks to spring big plays, and he was dominate on the outside. 

    The announcers in the game even noticed Peters strong play a few times, and Peters did a really nice job on the line.  Actually, the offensive line as a whole was fairly decent in this game outside of a few plays.

Game Goat: Head Coach Andy Reid

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    I am giving a game goat to Andy Reid for the simple reason that I felt he made a couple huge mistakes.  First, he did not challenge the Falcons interception in the beginning of the third quarter when the ball appeared to have hit the ground. 

    The Falcons scored a touchdown off the turnover and the Eagles possibly could have gotten the ball back if Reid had challenged that play.  I know he gets instructions from upstairs to challenge so the Eagles coaching staff as a whole dropped the ball here.

    The second reason Reid gets a game goat is because once Mike Kafka came in, Reid got super conservative with the offense.  Until the last drive, the Eagles ran the ball or threw short dump-off passes. 

    In a game with a lot of scoring Reid should have let Kafka go down the field a little more.  I felt he waited too long to try to move the ball with Kafka, and that ultimately cost the Eagles the game.

Game Ball: WR Jeremy Maclin

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    Jeremy Maclin had a huge day with 13 catches for 171 yards and two touchdowns.  With the defense keying on DeSean Jackson, Maclin made them pay in a huge way.  It is a shame that he dropped the fourth-down pass, with about a minute left, because Kafka made a really nice throw—a ball Maclin should have caught. 

    If he had caught that ball, the Eagles could have won the game.  So as good a day as he had and he still gets a game ball? His performance is a bit overshadowed by the one ball he did not catch.

Game Goat: WR Jason Avant

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    Jason Avant is on the team because he supposedly has good hands.  So, him dropping a real easy ball is unacceptable. 

    If he is going to drop easy passes, then he shouldn't be on the team.  Avant had only one catch and should have had two, as he dropped an easy one.  I'm not an Avant fan but if the whole point of your existence is that you are sure-handed, then you better catch the ball when it hits you in the hands.

Game Ball: Quarterback Mike Kafka

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    This choice is probably controversial in many people's eyes, but Kafka came in and did an admirable job.  He did not turn the ball over, and the Eagles kept the offense short and simple until his last possession which was not Kafka's fault. 

    On the last drive, Kafka drove them down the field into scoring position.  He made a great throw on a deep ball to Maclin, and I thought almost all his throws were on point.  The only reason he did not complete the comeback was because Maclin dropped a ball that hit him in the numbers. 

    Kafka was impressive in relief of Michael Vick. So, for that reason, he gets a game ball, despite the fact that he did not complete the comeback.

Game Ball; RB LeSean McCoy

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    We are all out of game goats, so we will give out one more game ball, and it goes to McCoy. 

    McCoy scored two touchdowns and was effective running the football.  He ended with 18 carries for 95 yards and two touchdowns. 

    He had a nice game and the Eagles actually ran the football pretty effective most of the evening.