WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results: What We Learned from Dolph Ziggler's Win

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IISeptember 19, 2011

WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results: What We Learned from Dolph Ziggler's Win

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    At Night of Champions, Dolph Ziggler retained the United States Championship in a Fatal 4-Way match.

    The match was one of the unknowns of the event, as the WWE could have taken it many different ways.

    We could have seen a John Morrison or Alex Riley victory.  For Morrison, it's a chance to get heels over.  Perhaps, guys like Michael McGillicutty or even Ziggler a legit feud for the fall that gets pay-per-view time.

    For Riley, it's a culmination of a years work, being Miz's apprentice, breaking off and becoming a successful face.

    Again, it was not meant to be as Ziggler retained.  What does this mean and what did we learn?

Ziggler Is One Step Closer to the WWE Title

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    Dolph Ziggler's ability has shined through, and he is in a lengthy title reign to prove it.  He is taking on all challengers and beating them all.

    The WWE has a lot of faith in this former Spirit Squad member, and when it comes down to it, he has a big mouth and the athleticism to prove it.

    He even has the ability to capitalize on anything in front of him, like he did tonight, knocking out Jack Swagger and picking up the pieces, scoring the pinfall after Swagger did the damage.

    It is this confidence that can tell you that we are seeing a future WWE Champion in Ziggler.

Jack Swagger Can't Catch a Break

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    It seems that since he lost the World Heavyweight Championship last year, Jack Swagger can't seem to get the big win.

    The All-American American decided to get out of the funk and ask Vickie Guerrero for her services.

    This didn't go over well with her current client, US Champion Dolph Ziggler.

    These two will probably enter a feud this fall, and for that to happen, one of them will have to turn face, and there is one person that can make that happen, and that is...

Vickie Guerrero, the X-Factor

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    Vickie Guerrero has joined the ranks of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Jimmy Hart as a successful manager.

    After the match, Guerrero was flaunting in the back that everyone wants her services, even to the point of kissing Matt Striker, who tried to interview her about Dolph Ziggler's win.

    We learned that there is still friction between Ziggler and Guerrero, and sooner or later, that will blow up and Guerrero will transfer over to Jack Swagger, someone who can use some work on the mic.

    We learned that Ziggler will turn face in the next little bit, and it will happen when we least expect it, even though we can see it coming from a mile away.

    What do you think?

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