WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results: 10 Matches We Need to Get at Hell in a Cell

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst ISeptember 19, 2011

WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results: 10 Matches We Need to Get at Hell in a Cell

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    With the dust settling on Night of Champions, it's time to look ahead two weeks to WWE Hell in a Cell.

    WWE have lined up two pay-per-views within three weeks, and the majority of the card will probably be filled with rematches from NOC with slight alterations.

    However, there are many matches that didn't make the Night of Champions card because of the pay-per-view gimmick.

    I'm realistic in my choices, so don't expect fantasy booking or illogical scenarios. These are matches that I expect to occur. With that said, these are the ten matches we need to get at WWE Hell in a Cell 2011.

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara (Mystico vs. Hunico)

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    This match has been rumoured ever since Hunico first took over the Sin Cara character from Mystico. Last week on SmackDown we witnessed the return of Mystico, and the beginning of their feud.

    The only audible in this match is Daniel Bryan, who has had a mini feud with Hunico after he turned heel. So this match may or may not have Daniel Bryan in Mystico's corner.

    My only concern with this match is that ever since the problems with Mystico began—hell, since he debuted—the fans haven't fully bought into him.

    This showed on SmackDown as the crowd didn't react all that loudly to the back-and-forth between the Caras. Although this could be due to the initial confusion that the casual fan may have.

Jinder Mahal vs. Great Khali

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    This whole feud has been a letdown to me. From day one I was hoping the WWE wouldn't stick Mahal with a racial stereotype, but they did.

    It was interesting for a while. However, they waited far too long for the payoff: Khali turning face, which happened last week.

    Nevertheless, the WWE seems content with pushing this match to pay-per-view, so expect to see this at Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase (IC Title)

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    With only two weeks until Hell in a Cell, I don't see another challenger for the Intercontinental Championship emerging.

    With the cheap fashion in which Rhodes won, we can expect DiBiase to get a rematch.

    The feud doesn't intrigue me just yet, mostly due to DiBiase's terrible lack of charisma. I find myself cheering for Rhodes who, by the way, should step up to the main event within the next six months.

    Hopefully a legitimate contender can step up by Vengeance, or Ted DiBiase receives a gimmick overhaul.

Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya Neidhart (Divas Title)

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    I enjoyed the match at Night of Champions, and thought it was well wrestled by recent standards. However, Beth Phoenix probably should have won the Diva's Championship.

    The Divas of Doom are attempting to revitalize the women's division before Kharma returns. With that in mind, I believe Natalya Neidhart is next in line to challenge Kelly Kelly.

    The quality of this match will probably be the same as the Night of Champions match, so you may be mildly entertained depending on how high your standards are set.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley (U.S. Title)

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    Dolph Ziggler retained his United States Championship last night in an entertaining fatal four-way match.

    While the match was lacking in story, the one story that was advanced was the triangle between Ziggler, Swagger and Vicki Guerrero. Over the next few weeks I see the heat between Ziggler and Swagger building.

    However, with both being heels, Alex Riley will be thrown in as the face contender. John Morrison has no place in this feud, or anywhere on RAW. Get him to SmackDown!

AirBoom vs. Awesome Truth: No DQ (Tag Team Championships)

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    At Night of Champions the conspiracy became a reality as the Awesome Truth were screwed out of the tag team championships, after The Miz was disqualified.

    I expect this feud to continue until Hell in a Cell, where I hope the highly entertaining Awesome Truth will win the championships.

    Due to the nature of the match at NOC, I believe a No Disqualification stipulation will be set for their next encounter.

Sheamus vs. Christian (Number One Contenders Match)

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    Christian has been complaining the last few weeks that he deserves "one more match". Sheamus has constantly been a distraction, as he too wants to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Last night at NOC we observed as Sheamus Brogue kicked Christian following the chants of "one more match."

    This should all boil to a head in two weeks at Hell in a Cell, when Christian and Sheamus will fight for number one contendership.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio: HIAC or LMS (WWE Championship)

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    With John Cena's completely shocking victory over Alberto Del Rio last night, he has won his 10th WWE Championship.

    As there are no other contenders, and only two weeks until Hell in a Cell, a rematch is only inevitable.

    I haven't yet decided whether or not John Cena will overplay the intensity of the feud to the point that they require a Hell in a Cell match, or a Last Man Standing match.

    Make no mistake, Cena will overcome the odds in two weeks at Hell in a Cell.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton: Hell in a Cell (World Heavyweight Championship)

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    Mark Henry's victory over Randy Orton at NOC was my favourite moment of the show, and one of the best of 2011. 

    Mark Henry has embraced his role as a monster heel, and finally risen to the occasion. However, I don't see Randy Orton ever being out of the world title picture on SmackDown.

    With that said, a Hell in a Cell match is perfect for this feud, as Henry will flourish in a match that emphasizes methodical destruction. Henry can't keep a fast pace, so this match should suit his in-ring style.

    I can't wait for this Friday's SmackDown, and for the rest of Mark Henry's reign (should it not end abruptly at the hand of Randy Orton).

Triple H vs. CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash: Hell in a Cell

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    In the overbooked, yet exhilarating ending to NOC, Triple H overcame CM Punk, despite outside interference from Awesome Truth, John Laurinaitis and Kevin Nash.

    Triple H and Kevin Nash are clearly on opposite sides, and it remains to be seen which side CM Punk is on.

    I predict Punk will chose neither side, and thus it will become Triple H vs. Kevin Nash vs. CM Punk.

    As this is the premier feud in the WWE, it of course has to be the focus of Hell in a Cell, thus the match will take place in HIAC.


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