San Francisco Giants Debate: You've Got Manny Burriss, So Why Sign a Shortstop?

Danny PenzaSenior Writer INovember 24, 2008

The talk around San Francisco as the leaves turn from green to orange is that the beloved Giants are looking for a shortstop to upgrade their offense.

The confusing part is that General Manager Brian Sabean in the final month of the season said that Emmanuel Burriss was basically the shortstop not only of the future, but the present.

Now, New York radio station WFAN saying the Giants reportedly on the brink of signing 33-year-old shortstop Edgar Renteria, the question has to be raised:

Why go out and sign a shortstop when you declared Burriss the team's present and future, just two months earlier?

It certainly is something that confuses some.

The Giants have firmly denied that any type of Renteria move is official, according to San Francisco Chronicle Giants' beat writer Henry Schulman, but that doesn't mean they aren't working towards a deal with the 13-year veteran. Add to that, they are also negotiating with Rafael Furcal and all signs point to Burriss not being the Giants' shortstop next season.

WFAN is reporting that Renteria and the Giants have agreed on a two-year, $18 million contract. Renteria batted .270 with 10 homers and 55 RBIs in 503 at-bats in 2008.

But with Burriss, who batted .283 with one home run and 18 RBI last season, the Giants have a younger and cheaper option already in the organization.

Now, if Renteria is signed, Burriss will move over to the other side of second base, where he played 41 games this past season.

This also means that the plans to have Eugenio Velez, Kevin Frandsen, and any option free agent option to be the 2009 second baseman is basically squashed.

The only reason Renteria would get this kind of contract is that the Giants don't feel that the options they have for second base aren't up to par.

So much for building the team from within, right?

The Giants do have alternatives in the system, but considering, like a lot of their top prospects, they are a few years away. Renteria could be viewed as a stop gap until players like Nick Noonan and Brandon Crawford are ready to challenge for a regular spot on the big club's roster.

And obviously Renteria is not the big bat that so many people want the Giants to get this winter, recording more-than 80 RBI only twice in his career.

So with the first move of the off-season making sense, the second one might be a little bit more perplexing and some explanation for this one will definitely need some explaining.