Oregon State Offense: Arizona Recap, Oregon Preview

Josiah RiceContributor INovember 24, 2008

(If you're wondering, the above picture is a young man saving himself from a possible tar-and-feathering upon his return to Corvallis. The photo's more commonly referred to as "Kahut Redeemed.")


QB: Start Sean Canfield in the Civil War.

As much as we all love Moevao's "moxie," there's no way Lyle would've hit Sammie on that 47-yard deep ball. Equally important: If Arizona knew we couldn't throw that far, Stroughter and Francis wouldn't have been as open as they were over the middle on our last two drives. Pretty sure we all know what the Ducks' weakness is: pass D—last in the Pac, 105th in the nation.


RB: Jacquizz Rodgers won't play.

Take that for granted. It's no insult to Quizz; if anyone's tough, it's him. But a second-degree AC sprain is serious stuff. Props to both Ryan McCants and Jeremy Francis for stepping it up. See McCants dragging 'Cats like he was the Steven Jackson II he was heralded to be? Dang. And Francis' lateral to James to get out o' bounds probably saved us 10 valuable seconds.


WR/TE: Spread the wealth, Sean.

This is the deepest, most dangerous group OSU's had since 2000, (Robert Prescott, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and of course, Ocho Cinco). Stroughter = clutch. James Rodgers' fly sweep = 10 carries, 102 yards, one TD. Stroughter, Shane Morales, Howard Croom, etc., sprung James with key seal blocks all night.


OL: Can't ask for more. Besides one more time, this Saturday.

With the exception of a few times when Arizona sent everybody, (including both Stoops brothers, but nobody noticed, cuz they're usually on the field anyway...) they gave Canfield plenty o' time for his looong windup...


Random Thought: If I hear one more joke about the Civil War "not being very Civil"...


And finally, Poll Question: Will Quizz play? Your opinions, please, in the comment box.