WWE Night of Champions 2011: Is Mark Henry Unstoppable?

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2011

The World's Strongest Champion
The World's Strongest Champion

It finally happened. After 15 years, Mark Henry finally won his first World Heavyweight Title. I couldn't believe that the WWE would give Mark Henry a completely clean win, but they did. Mark Henry pinned Randy Orton after a second World's Strongest Slam to seal the deal on his first real world title reign.

It was a really great moment for this long-time veteran. He may have been playing the heel role in the match, but it was an underdog story fulfilled when Henry crushed Orton.

With how much Henry dominated the supposed face of Smackdown, how can anyone beat him? This reign could go on for a while. It will not end any time soon as Mark Henry himself stated.

Orton cannot come back from that contest any time soon. He will not be the man to beat Mark Henry. Neither will Sheamus or Christian who asserted themselves earlier in the night as top contenders for the title especially now.

If Smackdown's biggest stars cannot beat Henry, who will?

Could we see The Undertaker come back and take the Holy Grail of Smackdown back?

Maybe we are setting up for the huge underdog story where Daniel Bryan beats the World's Strongest Man at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

No matter what happens, Mark Henry has finally achieved his dream of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, and he deserves it for his years of work in the company and his great job as the biggest heel in WWE today.

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