Congress To Approve $20 Million Bailout For Notre Dame Football

Jay HendryCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

In a shocking move congress is expected to approve a bill that would extend a helping hand to Notre Dame, and buyout Charlie Weis' contract.  

Sen. Daniel Gordon (D-IN) was quoted saying:

It's unfortunate that we had to act, but what were we going to do?  The only thing more depressing than the economy is Fighting Irish football.  I hope we can get [the bill] approved quickly so we can all move forward on the road to recovery.

Despite an initial period of growth, the Fighting Irish (NDI) have slid for 12 consecutive quarters and are predicted to post the worst two year period in Notre Dame history. 

Around the Ticker:

Michigan (UMW) officially closed the books on the biggest one-year slide in history.  This is weeks before the initially predicted close for the group.

The ACC has been downgraded to junk status.

Oregon State (OSBV) continues its unlikely climb.  Be advised, daily action shows that Oregon State is quite volatile, and is still considered a moderate to high risk investment.