College Football Week 14 Quick Picks

DJ WalkerCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

I was 4-5 last week, but I lost the biggest game of the week. Looks like I overlooked the fact that Big 12 teams play like maniacs at home. The Sooners had Tech's number all game on Saturday, and they looked good.

Now the Big 12 is a mess that will have to be mopped up this weekend so people can stop speculating on who gets the Go-Ahead in the BCS. But let's journey over to the SEC first.


Alabama vs. Auburn

Spread: 'Bama by 14

As much as 'Bama should win this game, it could very well end up being a trap. I know he would never admit it, but you have to bet Coach Saban is looking ahead to Florida, and Auburn is looking to salvage its season with a big win over a tough opponent.

Even though this has the potential to be an upset, I'm not betting on it. Auburn's offense never stands a chance, and the Tide roll all over them. Alabama by 17.


Texas vs. Texas A&M

Spread: Texas by 34

Texas has to make a case for itself to stay ahead of Oklahoma in the rankings and beat A&M big, especially since OU closes out its regular season against 11th-ranked Oklahoma State. The gods of football smile on strength of schedule, and the Sooners will have it with a win over the Cowboys. Look for the Horns to be focused and on their game on Saturday. Texas by 40+.


Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Spread: Oklahoma by 7

It's been the trend between the powerhouses of the Big 12 to show up at home, and in that regard, the Cowboys have the advantage. Their eighth-ranked rush attack squares off against OU's 10th-ranked rush defense (which I think is a little skewed because nobody rushes in the Big 12 anyway).

OU will be playing for the right to play in the conference championship, but I think OSU will give them a run for their money, no pun intended. I'm putting this game on Upset alert (or maybe I just don't like the Sooners).


Florida at Florida State

Spread: Florida by 15.5

Once again, Urban Meyer's Gators are firing on all cylinders and itching to prove that they belong in the Championship game for the second time in three years. At this point I don't think there are going to be too many teams that can shut them down.

If Florida State doesn't shut down the run early, they are going to have their hands full trying to figure out where the ball is. I'll be surprised if this game isn't decided by halftime and the Gators aren't trying to pad Tebow's stats some more. Gators big.


USC vs. Notre Dame

Spread: USC by 29

Notre Dame has improved its numbers from last year, but they are still not "good" by standards. It's been a while since they've beaten a ranked opponent, and I really don't see this one being a trend buster. USC's defense is just too good, and Notre Dame's offense is just too bad.

As much as I would love to see USC out of the picture, they're going to hang in there and stomp the Irish.


Other Thoughts from around the world of Sports

Pacman is on the three-and-out plan. If he jacks up one more time, he's out of the league for good. I guess when you have a bunch of money it's hard to stay out of trouble.

A whole plethora of coaches are getting canned, among them are Washington Wizards' coach Eddie Jordan and Eastern Michigan's Jeff Genyk. Seriously, though, you're Eastern Michigan. Do you really expect to win games? Genyk does get to coach his final game against Central Michigan this week. Boy, I'm excited for that one.

Just because I have to get my biased poke in there: Michigan starts off the Basketball season 3-1 and beats then-No. 4 UCLA. Could the planets be completely messed up and this be the year Michigan blows in football and makes the tourney in Basketball? Half of it has come true this year—stay tuned for the rest.

How terrible have the Pistons been looking the last couple of games? I almost threw up while watching them lay a massive egg in Boston. That AI trade still looking good?

K-State just rehired Bill Snyder to coach football. He did go 136-68-1, but the dude is 69. Can he be "the Miracle in Manhattan: Part Two" or has the game escaped him? And speaking of ridiculously old coaches, do you think Joe Pa will retire with a Rose Bowl win this year?

GM has just announced it will end its endorsement deal with Tiger Woods at the end of the year. Not that you need more news about how much crap GM and the economy is in, but I thought that was kind of relevant.