Jets-Titans: Tennesse Fans Did Nothing To Help the Titans at LP Field

Jason WardCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

Four months ago, I decided to leave my home in Germany and visit family in North Carolina over the Thanksgiving holiday. Being a native of New Jersey and a huge Jets fan, I decided to come early and try and make it to the Jets game at the Tennessee Titans.

As fate would have it, after purchasing my tickets, the Jets would acquire Brett Favre and go into this game with a 7-3 record. However, as good as that sounds to a Jets fan, the Titans entered the game on Sunday with the league's only undefeated record at 10-0.

Upon arriving at LP field, the fans were full of energy. At a local gas station near the stadium, I heard more than one "Jets suck" coming out of pick-up trucks nearby. I proudly walked up to the gate with my Favre jersey on; my brother, sporting a Chrebet jersey, beside me.

In typical New Jersey fashion, we pushed our way through the lines at the gates while the yuppiesh-looking Titans fans didn't seem too worried about making it inside for the opening kickoff.

My brother commented on the Titans' fans lack of excitement about this game—one that we thought, regardless of the outcome, would likely be a close, hard-fought affair.

We arrived at our seats just as the coin toss was taking place. A few Titans fans behind us commented on Favre's age and the Titans' undefeated record. I suggested that Kerry Collins may need a cocktail before he plays this game—apparently they did not understand the Panthers/Collins reference.

The crowd sure was exited about the kickoff—just as loud as I would expect for a 10-0 team. After Tennessee went three and out, the Jets received the ball after a Tennessee punt. The Titans made noise for the first two plays of the Jets ensuing drive and were never heard from again.

Once Brett Favre started moving the ball downfield on that opening drive, the entire mood began to change. The life of that crowd got completely sucked out on the Jets' first offensive possession—even before New York had crossed midfield.

I have never seen anything like it. I have been to many Carolina Panthers games, and I always thought they were the worst fans in the NFL, but the gang at LP Field takes that honor at this point.

I understand that the Jets are a very good team, and maybe the Titans fans saw the Jets move the ball easier than they had seen from any other opponent this year. Their reaction and  pessimism was unbelievably pathetic.

At 10-0, they should have much more confidence in their team's ability to create points off of turnovers, score touchdowns, run the ball, etc. Obviously, they weren't able to do that yesterday (because the Jets are awesome), but this crowd has no faith in this team.

Maybe the crowd realised that the Titans were not as good as their record showed. Maybe it was the cold, cloudy weather that moved in only minutes after the Jets scored their first touchdown.

Whatever the reason—Titans fans should be ashamed at themselves. This team was 10-0 and deserved a little more support. They were dominated, but they may have played better with a 12th man.