A Poem: The Day That Childress Left The Town

Nate BeardCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

In the not too distant future after miscues and despairs

With the fans and owners reeling after folding to the Bears

A cry went up in anger to redeem this latest blow

Vikings fans decided that coach Childress had to go


Now many fans had blamed the losses square on Gus Frerrote

Who had the quickness of a tree sloth and would never leave the slot

But despite his flaws and blunders, and in spite of growing age

He proved Tarvaris Jackson was quite easy to upstage


And speaking of ol' T-Jack, who was benched for playing poor

What happened to endorsements from Coach Childress years before?

It's hard to earn a starting spot and sway the Vikings brass

When all your coach will let you do is throw a five yard pass


Now some would blame the special teams for folding on a kick

Afraid to take a solid hit and make a tackle stick

Punting twice to Reggie Bush it also hurt our cause

Exposing lack of coverage along with other Viking flaws



But how about decisions that our fearless coach has made

Benching our star player and the deep balls he forbade

At least our defense does their job and stuffs most every run

While Antoine Winfield tackles in the backfield just for fun


With this in mind along with constant moaning from the fans

The Wilfs conviened in secret to decide Brad's future plans

And after much discussion when the sun was setting low

The word came ringing out the coach Brad Childress had to go


So off into the sunset our old coach was forced to ride

Relieved of all his duties and depleted of his pride

Soon our coach was gone and not a Viking fan could frown

For all were happy on the day that Childress left the town.