Why Missouri Belongs in the Big Ten Instead of the SEC

Doug ZerjalContributor IISeptember 18, 2011

Mizzou should celebrate future TD's in the Big Ten
Mizzou should celebrate future TD's in the Big TenJamie Squire/Getty Images

Let's just stop with the charade. The Big 12 is going to die, sooner rather than later. The real question for the teams of the Big 12 is: Where will you go?

For the Missouri Tigers, the SEC and Big Ten appear to be their best options. Before Mizzou fans prepare their bags for road trips to Tuscaloosa, Auburn and Baton Rouge, let's consider the other option.

Missouri belongs in the Big Ten.

Missouri's academics more closely match that of the Big Ten. Missouri's traditions and fanbase are closer to Big Ten ideals.

While a rivalry against Arkansas sounds appealing, imagine rivalries against Illinois, Northwestern and Iowa? Not exciting? Look closer.

From 2002-2003 and 2007-2010, Missouri and Illinois staged the "Arch Rivalry" game in St. Louis. The game was a perennial sellout and created a football rivalry between the basketball rival schools.

After the 2008 regular season, Missouri played Northwestern in an epic Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, with Mizzou winning 30-23 in OT. Both schools claim to have two of the best journalism schools in the country. Can you imagine the plethora of quality pre-game articles before a regular season game?

After the 2010 regular season, Missouri and Iowa battled in the Insight Bowl, with Iowa pulling out a 27-24 victory. Iowa and Missouri both recruit heavily from the St. Louis area. An annual game between the two would increase exposure and help recruiting.

Missouri fans, the Big Ten is where you belong. Let's hope they take you.