Texas Tech Uniforms: Breaking Out the Storm Trooper Look

Sean LansingContributor ISeptember 17, 2011

Courtesy dallasnews.com
Courtesy dallasnews.com

The game against dreadful New Mexico might not be exciting, but the uniforms are.

For their non-conference matchup against the Lobos this afternoon, the Red Raiders have gone white, doing their best to mimic Darth Vader’s army.

In a season that has already seen the Terrapins morph into the Maryland state flag on acid and Notre Dame and Michigan turn the clock back to yesteryear, how do Tech’s uniforms size up?


From a design standpoint, Tech’s Saturday whites are pretty plain.

White shoes, white socks, white pants, white jerseys and white helmets.

To offset the blandness, Under Armour has provided the Raiders with black and red piping on the pants and jerseys, along with red accents on the cleats and black facemasks on the helmets.

After watching the Maryland train wreck, plain is welcome.


The all-white digs actually provide a clean, concise look that is easy on the eyes.

With most teams going for blackouts, red-outs and all sorts of other gimmicks, the Raiders' subtleties are a welcome change.

Plus, the black and red piping and accents give the overall uniform a nice change of pace throughout.


It’s hard to give high marks for originality when a uniform is based off the plainest color known to man, but with the Nike Pro Combat series turning traditional designs upside down over the past few years, Texas Tech is bucking the trend.

Bravo, Texas Tech, for keeping it simple.


As the risk of kicking a dead horse, Maryland’s attempt at fashion really was a disaster earlier this season.

For better or worse, the Terrapins set the wow-bar pretty high.

However, while Tech’s unis are overtly simple, they do elicit a certain wow-reaction for their plainness in a world of over-the-top uniform disasters.


Under Armour got it all wrong with Maryland, but they redeemed themselves a bit with this set.

This is football, not roller derby or pro wrestling, and Texas Tech actually looks like a football team (despite New Mexico’s best efforts to destroy the game).