Cesc Fabregas: Arsenal's New Captain

Tanade MohamedContributor INovember 24, 2008

Francesc "Cesc" Fabregas.

I always knew he would be captain but this is kind of unexpected. Gallas has been, in my opinion, very disappointing and expected the armband to go to Gilberto or Toure after saying bon voyage to Henry. He is, simply put, a hot head and that is the last thing we needed at Arsenal.

Fabregas is young, calm, collected, and cool in difficult situations. A foil to Gallas. Now that there has been a change in captain, I think a change in transfer policy is in order.

This squad has no depth. Song and Denilson were playing in the middle of the park against Manchester City, and Diaby was playing on the wing. Vela has been playing on loan for three years, why not give him a chance?

We need to get an established defensive midfielder and central defender. Fabregas is an attack minded player that needs someone to compliment that and Denilson, though talented, isn't the answer to this dilemma.

Johan Djourou may have potential to be a great defender but isn't there yet and when you have no choice but to put Gavin Hoyte against Robinho, it shows a club in need of personnel.

Fabregas is our new Captain and will hopefully lead us on the road to glory but that doesn't mean it is guaranteed.

He has become an Arsenal hero, but it is now time for his trial by fire.