Eddie Jordan Fired by the Washington Wizards After 1-10 Start

Dusty FloydCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

Eddie Jordan was fired as the head basketball coach of the Washington Wizards after a terrible 1-10 start.

Ed Tapscott was named the Wizards' new interim head coach. He will run their first practice Monday morning, a team spokesman told the Associated Press.

Eddie Jordan was not the only one let go, as Washington also elected to fire assistant coach Mike O'Koren. Therefore, Randy Ayers will become the top assistant coach for the Wizards.

Gilbert Arenas and Brendon Haywood have been injured most of the season, and it has taken a toll on the Wizards, who fell once again last Saturday, to the New York Knicks, 122-117.

Antawn Jamison addressed the media shortly after the game about the rough start to the season.

"As long as we continue to work hard and continue to believe that we can turn things around, it makes my job easy," said Jamison, the Wizards' captain. "When guys stop playing hard and giving their all is when it becomes difficult for me, but this is a learning curve."

Earlier in the season, Gilbert Arenas said, "It isn't so bad to be in last place." He alluded to the fact that the Spurs were a weaker team back before they picked up Tim Duncan early in the first round, and now they're right back at the top.

This firing has come as a surprise so some fans, as Eddie Jordan has coached the Wizards to the playoffs in the past four years. Even though he never made it past the conference semifinals, this is still a respectable accomplishment.

He ends his stint as the Eastern Conference's longest-tenured head coach, and he was the third longest-tenured head coach in the NBA behind Jerry Sloan and Gregg Popovich.

The Washington Wizards will hope to end their five-game losing streak Tuesday night at home against the Golden State Warriors.

The three-game home stretch should be an indicator of how the rest of the season turns out, and hopefully it will show some good signs for the rest of the year.