Eagles-Ravens: Kevin Kolb's Shaky Start Shouldn't Stick with Philadelphia Fans

Kile EvansContributor INovember 24, 2008

The switch has finally happened. In yesterday's game against the Baltimore Ravens, Andy Reid did something that shocked everyone. He benched Donovan McNabb and brought in backup Kevin Kolb.

In a close, 10-7 game with the Ravens up, and McNabb was again having a rough first half, throwing two picks and losing a fumble, Reid look somewhere for hope to get his offense started. He looked for Kolb to be that hope.

It didn't work the way Reid expected.

Kolb going 10 for 23 with two picks did not start off the way most of us believed he would. Can you blame him though for his rocky start?

He was put in during the middle of a game that the team was already losing against one of the league's toughest defense. Wouldn't you be a little nervous, too?

The thing to look forward to is that for the past few years that we have had someone come in for McNabb the team always seems to turn it around. Can we hope for it again this year? Maybe?

If the team did have something to look forward to was the strong performance from the defense. While the scoreboard didn't show it, the defense played strong the whole game, sacking Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco three times and forcing him to fumble once.

They just need to work on the rest of their game, and they will be fine.