Lakers Are King of the Hill

David RobinsonContributor INovember 24, 2008

(Triple-Threat: Dribble)

As predicted, the Lakers beat the Kings last night, 118-108. 

Although the Lakers did commit 18 turnovers, five of which belonged to Andrew Bynum, they came through with the game on the line. The Kings trailed by as many as 19 points before Bobby Jackson helped put together a 21-6 run.

However, when you have the ultimate closer in Kobe Bryant, there's never really need to worry. With 6:17 left in the fourth, the Lakers took control and the young Kings' hopes were shot. 

“I’m not happy with this win. We could have played much more solid defensively,” Bryant said. 

Bryant wasn't the only one who thought the Lakers could've played better.

“I thought we were poor, defensively,” coach Phil Jackson said after watching Sacramento shoot 53.4 percent against his team.

However, the Lakers cruised to another win. NBA analysts may say that the scoreboard is deceiving in this win, but when you're up by as many as 19 late in the third, the body does tend to relax a little. Although the Lakers aren't cocky by any sense of the word, Bryant's index finger does seem to merit the question: "Who's next?"

The Lakers' next five games are in New Jersey, Dallas, Toronto, Indiana, and Philadelphia. Those games are very winnable. So I guess the real game is when they meet Boston for the first time on Christmas.

The Celtics, who coincidentally enough, also scored 118 points in their win last night, are atop the Eastern Conference. It seems as if destiny will bring these two titans clashing together in December. As to who will win, nobody knows, but the victor will take all the spoils until the next meeting.

I'm out.