The New England Patriots Should Keep Matt Cassel Over Tom Brady

John GrayCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Given Cassel's development and age, should the Pats consider keeping him over Brady? Was an impossible thought a few weeks ago, but now it doesn't seem that far fetched an idea.
Cassel is younger, healthier, cheaper, and has many years of football left in him (football gods willing). Brady probably has three or four years left at his discretion and little else to prove. What more does Brady have to play for? He could use a new challenge.
Cassell would leave via free agency without the Pats getting compensation. Brady could fetch up to three No. 1 draft picks.  Brady could return to his hometown San Francisco and return them to glory. San Fran would be foolish not to jump on that PR fantasy.
Otherwise, if you keep Brady and let Cassel go, then Belichick probably leaves when Brady retires in three or four years, especially if a suitable replacement does not develop.
Would love to see Brady return to his prime at the helm, but it might make more long term sense and immediate business sense to Wally Pipp (Drew Bledsoe) him.