WWE: John Cena and The Rock to Team Up at Survivor Series Against...?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIISeptember 17, 2011

According to WWE.com, John Cena and The Rock will join forces to team up at Survivor Series for the first and possibly only time ever.

"Never Before. Never Again."

That is the slogan for their first ever team up at Survivor Series and according to WWE.com, they are teaming up in a traditional 5-on-5 man traditional elimination style Survivor Series match.

On one side, we'll have The Rock, John Cena and three other men. Who those three other men are is yet to be determined.

And on the other side, we will have a team of five superstars who have also yet to be publicized for the match.

But one thing we do know is that this match will pit two eventual opponents as a team and could help make the match more interesting.

But aside from the two announced participants, who could the rest of the participants be?

Here's a small look as to who they could be. First, a look at the three partners that John Cena and The Rock can have on their Survivor Series team.



Just recently, Sheamus's credibility as a face has started to grow. He's getting cheered everywhere he goes and his pops could match those of the top faces of the WWE.

I see Sheamus having next to nothing important to do around this time, making him a possibility for being one of Cena and Rock's partners at Survivor Series, especially since he's a proven main-event name for a match involving two of the biggest names in the business.


CM Punk

The latest top star that the WWE has made. CM Punk could be a part of this match to fill up the "star" status and because he could make an entertaining match even more entertaining just because he's the "best in the world."

It could happen but then again it can't, especially if he's still feuding with Triple H at the time.


Rey Mysterio

Currently injured and doubtful to return in time, Mysterio seems like a far choice from joining Team Bring It and the Cenation, but anything can happen right?

I doubt it'll happen though, but still, Mysterio can definitely add more star power. 


Triple H

This also seems like a long shot, especially since he has stated that he will only appear when he's really needed.  If he loses this Sunday, he may not be needed anymore because, let's face it, he was brought in to be the COO and take Vince McMahon off of TV, not to wrestle on a consistent basis.

Either way though, he could be brought in because he's "needed" for the star power. 


Daniel Bryan

He's the Money in the Bank contract holder and has said that he intends on cashing it in at Wrestlemania.

But you don't deserve the main event for Wrestlemania until you prove yourself.

What better way to do it and prove that you deserve to be champion then by being in the ring with The Rock and John Cena, and surviving long enough to keep the millions of eyes watching interested and realize that you are worthy of being called champion?


Alex Riley

Why not? He's already been involved with The Rock and John Cena before, earlier this year in fact, and he is slowly a rising star.

What better way to get him to the top then by putting him alongside the team of two top-draws in John Cena and The Rock? 


John Morrison

A likely choice, unless he leaves the company by then.

He could help with the star power and prove himself as a capable star in the main event that can be in the same ring as two of the biggest draws in WWE history. 


Ted Dibiase

The recently turned face, Million Dollar Son, Ted Dibiase seems to be receiving that push that has eluded him from the beginning of the Legacy split.

But the problem is, will that push last enough to propel him to the "promised land"?

If he gets to become a member of John Cena and The Rock's team, then it may be safe to say that his spot as a top talent could be secured.


Big Show

Injured by Mark Henry, Big Show could come back with a rage and help dominate alongside The Rock and John Cena, especially if Mark Henry's on the opposite side of the ring.

He's a big name talent as well and can help more than damage Rock and Cena. 


Randy Orton

As the face of Smackdown (it hurts to say it but it's true), Randy Orton can help team Rock and Cena dominate just because he's good at it.

He also brings name value to the match, but it's unlikely that he's involved because he's going to be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against someone else. (That's right, I know he's walking in as champion come Survivor Series time).


Chris Jericho

What better way to return than by returning at one of the biggest PPVs of the year in a match with two of the biggest stars of the WWE in its entire history?

It's highly unlikely though, as Jericho seems satisfied for the time being, but he has stated that he wanted to return renewed and with a bang.

And what a better return for him than at Survivor Series?


Mick Foley

Another star who has stated his willingness and possibility to return to the WWE, maybe at Survivor Series?

He is a big name that could add to the star-studded match and can also bring back memories of the Rock 'n' Sock Connection.

Now any of these stars could be a part of Team Cena and The Rock, or it can be anyone else that's a face at the time such as Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara.

Who do you think though, could be the three remaining partners for the Rock and John Cena?

How about their opponents?

They are set to face a team of five, but who can those five be?

Here's a quick look as to who they can be.


The Miz

This choice is basically a no-brainer since he was involved with Rock and Cena around Wrestlemania time.

Plus, he's one of the WWE's top heels.

He's almost a shoe-in to make it in the match, no doubt about it.



If Miz is in, R-Truth can also be in because they are the "Awesome Truth."

Unless a conspiracy prevents Truth from participating, expect to see him in the match, especially since he's one of the WWE's top heels at this time.


Mark Henry

He's been a dominant wrestler lately and you can expect to see him on team Anti-Rock and Cena, especially since he's credible enough right now to be in the main event and because he can add that destructive force that every team needs.



Lately, he's been put back to the top of the midcard at the lowest. 

His once main event presence is gone and his status as Smackdown's top heel can be questioned, but one thing that remains the same is that he's one of Smackdown's top stars and can be relied on for anything, so it's possible to expect him in this match.


Wade Barrett

Remember when he was fighting for the WWE championship this time last year?

Remember when he was dominating the main event scene?

And where is he now?

That's right, the midcard.

But lately, Wade Barrett has been on a quest to redeem himself, and as he starts gaining more success again, he could become Smackdown's top heel.

An inclusion in this match could help do wonders for the bare-knuckled brawler and can help reignite the Winds of Change by making them blow again.


Cody Rhodes

Possibly the next main event star that the WWE produces, his involvement in this match can help him finally taste the main event scene.


Kevin Nash

Let's face it, he's coming back and may intend on fighting off the people who are stealing his spotlight.

He may be on the opposing team, especially if either Triple H or CM Punk are on the other side against him.

He can bring the nostalgia factor as well and help with the star presence that he apparently has, as well with the strength that seems to be his specialty.

Out of these stars, who can most likely be on the opposing team?

Will the selected five include these names or will names such as Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler be included?

Comment below and tell me who you think the remaining three participants for team John Cena and The Rock could be and who their opponents's team of five could include.

Remember, you have a voice. Use it and don't let it go to waste.


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