The Lonely MMA Division: Welterweights

Nick ColonSenior Analyst INovember 23, 2008

We've heard a lot out of the UFC's divisions in the past few months. Bigtime fighters such as Brock Lesnar, Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans, Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, and even Kenny Florian have all had their respective fights within the past few UFC events. However, a common theme among these fighters resides in their weight class, not their star status.

All of these fighters represent the UFC's active divisions in recent history. Yet, one division alone, the Welterweight division, has not been as nicely represented in the past few months.

Bigtime fighters such as Georges St. Pierre, Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, Jon Fitch, Diego Sanchez, and many more have yet to see much action in the past few events, which has led many fight fans to possibly forget about this division, and its potential.

Of course, in a little over a month this article will sound like blasphemy, as the UFC's biggest fight will occur between two superstars in this division, and in Diego Sanchez's case, injury is what plagued him out of his last bout with Thiago Alves, however, overall when compared to the other four divisions in the UFC, it is not at all crazy to say this division has been underrepresented as of late.

So, to remind fight fans out there of who is in this division (just in case you forgot), here's a breakdown of the activity in this division before it went out of style:

  • The top dog in this division is known simply as three letters: GSP.
  • The top contender in the division is Thiago Alves, who recently defeated Josh Koscheck who fought in place of Diego Sanchez.
  • Fighters like Karo Parisyan, Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Matt Serra, Matt Hughes and Mike Swick have all lost their hype due to inactivity for one reason or another.
  • Consistent fighters as of late include Paul Kelly, Marcus Davis, Chris Lytle, Josh Koscheck, and Thiago Alves.
  • January is when BJ Penn will face Georges St. Pierre for the title at 170 pounds.

So, as you start to see more and more good matchups coming up at this weight class, I hope fans don't forget this division, much like what happened to the 155'ers before Pulver and Penn reintroduced fans to it.