Giant Upset: New York Stuns the Patriots

Drew HigginsCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2008

After all the commercials and ten hours of pregame coverage, the Giants, yes the number five seeded New York Giants, not the Patriots, were hoisting the Lombardi Trophy over their collective heads. 

But what I will remember about this game is not the baby throwing up but, hearing a 40 something year old man with two young kids yelling, "SUCK IT BRADY" after he got sacked for the final time.  

The David Tyree catch will stick with me, but not as much as seven men jumping up and down after he made the catch. Or two eight-year-old boys crying because they cannot see perfection after Brady's final pass fell incomplete, and their older brother rubbing it in their respective faces.  This definitely was the best Super Bowl I have ever seen.