Green Bay Packers Face off Carolina Panthers: Analyzing Past Games

Brooke McGeeCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2011

Green Bay Packers Face off Carolina Panthers: Analyzing Past Games

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    Green Bay Packers fans are ready to head to North Carolina for the first time since 2005. The last time these two teams faced off, it was battled out in Green Bay in 2008, with the game going to Carolina.

    Despite the time gap between the last meeting and this one, Green Bay and the Carolina Panthers have matched up 11 times in the past 15 regular seasons. For a refresher course, let’s take a look at some of the past games that the Packers and Panthers have played out.

November 18, 2007

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    Sunday, November 18, 2007, noon. The Carolina Panthers were the visiting team against Green Bay.

    It didn’t take long before Green Bay‘s Tramon Williams returned a punt 94 yards, putting the fans on their feet and firing up the team. Carolina secured a field goal to put points up for themselves in the first quarter.

    The second quarter belonged to the Pack, and two touchdowns were thrown by Favre, to Greg Jennings and Donald Lee.

    Donald Lee opened up the third quarter as well, receiving a 12-yard pass for the first score of the third quarter. The Panthers quickly ushered in one of their own, with Christian Fauria securing the points.

    The fourth quarter began with promise for Carolina with a quick touchdown by Drew Carter. The Packers closed it off with a field goal, and took the game by 14 points.

    Final score: Green Bay 31, Carolina 17.

October 3, 2005

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    Monday night, 9 pm, October 3, 2005, Charlotte, North Carolina.

    At the end of the first quarter, Green Bay and Carolina were tied 7-7, with Chris Mangum (Car) and David Martin (GB) both scoring in the passing game. 

    The second quarter went exclusively to Carolina, with first a field goal from John Kasay, and then a receiving touchdown by Michael Gaines (the kick was not good). Another touchdown by Stephen Davis redeemed the failed extra point, and the half ended at 23-7, Carolina.

    Whatever happened in the locker room after that helped to revive the Packers, who scored three touchdowns (Donald Driver, Donald Lee, and Antonio Chatman) in the second half. The Panthers offense fought back with one more touchdown (Stephen Davis) and one more field goal (John Kasay) as well, keeping the Packers at bay for a three-point win.

    Final score: Carolina 32; Green Bay 29.

November 30, 2008

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    November 30, 2008, Sunday at noon. Green Bay and the Carolina Panthers met at midfield with a noon kickoff. The Panthers were the only team to score in the first quarter, with DeAngelo Williams rushing in a one-yard touchdown.

    The second quarter showed a little more promise for the Pack, with a field goal by Mason Crosby and a touchdown by Donald Driver. The Panthers held on though, and ran in two more touchdowns.

    The Packers were able to hold Carolina back in the third quarter, securing another field goal and a touchdown.

    The fourth quarter brought the heat, and the two teams battled the game out for the win. The Panthers made two more touchdowns. The Packers retaliated with a touchdown and a field goal. Ultimately though, this game went to the Panthers, with the Pack frustratingly losing by a mere three points.

    Final Score: Carolina 35; Green Bay 31.


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    Green Bay has been the majority winner for the Packers-Panthers face-offs. In the 11 games played, the ball went to Green Bay 7 of those times. Six of those times the game was played out under the Carolina sky, with Green Bay still dominating four of the six times.

    Interestingly, Carolina has only been able to beat out Green Bay for the win one time in history when the game has fallen on a Sunday.

    Additionally, Carolina is in their first year with new head coach Ron Rivera. Paired up against the seasoned Mike McCarthy and his championship-winning history, the scale is tipped in Green Bay’s favor.

    Stats are not always accurate. Causation and correlation always come into play, so until this game is played out on Sunday, Packers and Panthers fans will be eagerly awaiting the match up.