Manchester United: Top 10 Funny Pictures of the Red Devils

Maxx GCorrespondent IISeptember 22, 2011

Manchester United: Top 10 Funny Pictures of the Red Devils

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    Manchester United is flying high in the English Premier League, sitting atop the table and brutally smashing the opponents. The next game of United is against the rough-and-tough Stoke City, where United again expects to lift a sweet there points by beating Stoke.

    So, when the Premier League is becoming all heavy and teams are fighting to secure a spot among others, let us take a look at the lighter side of the game. While the game gives us scores to cheer for or players to shout for, the game also has its own style of humor and entertainment in other areas like the WAGs or the player scandals.

    However, this time, I am giving you some of the funnest pictures available on the Internet for the Manchester United team. You can enjoy this show even if you are not a Red Devils supporter and root for some other club in every match. 

    Soccer is fun, and that is how we have put things here. These pictures are not meant to offend any personality, but are aimed simply for absolute fun. Cheers for the Red Devils.

Kicking Tevez out

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    This is a picture from the training grounds of Manchester United in the days when Carlos Tevez used to be a part of the club.

    The prolific powerhouse Wayne Rooney is shown in a light moment with his then teammate Tevez, where it looks like Rooney is kicking the Manchester City forward out in a martial arts style.

    Now that can be a punishment for Tevez for his whining and crying about playing and staying in Manchester.

I Play for Manchester United

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    Now, I hope everyone, 'specially the Manchester United haters, will enjoy this slide.

    It is referee Howard Webb in a United jersey, who is actually a very respected person in his field of soccer. He has been praised for his decisions by many pundits all over the world. However, Webb was often criticized for his decisions in Manchester United matches.

    Notable among those were the matches against Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. After that, this picture was released over the net, questioning the referring decisions from Webb. 

Move Aside

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    It seems like Paul Scholes is an angry man who is just asking Everton's Steven Pienaar to move aside and make space. 

    Wonder if Scholes wants to say, "It's Clobberin' Time."

Soccer Is Romantic Also: Part 1

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    Now, welcome to a phase where soccer players' greetings towards their teammates extends beyond mere hugs and handshakes. 

    Gary Neville expressed his opinion of happiness in this way for teammate Paul Scholes, after the latter scored the winning goal for Manchester derby in a tensed and deep match. As the City fans were feeling the darkness after they conceded the goal in dying minutes, they also witnessed one of the rarest phenomenons that ever occurred on a football pitch.  

    And it was not a small lip touch on the cheek, but a full face blown lip kiss.

Soccer Is Romantic Also: Part 2

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    I do not know whether this picture of Wayne Rooney and former United player Cristiano Ronaldo was made to look like this, but that a tragic moment for United can look so funny is the main objective here.

    Did Cristiano Ronaldo quit United after this? Oh, you have the freedom to investigate.

Soccer Is Sometimes Extreme Passion

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    While Raul Meireles of FC Porto tried to pick up a fallen Ryan Giggs from United, the picture said some other things.

    Boyish love or love between two men has been portrayed in an extreme passionate style here.

    But will you say, "Poor Giggs"?

    Oh, Anderson is the witness of this here. 

An Acrobatic Break

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    Luis Nani, the United winger-cum-forward is known not only for his blistering speed and skills over the ball. But I guess everyone has seen him at least once performing his acrobatic celebration move.

    Now, that sometimes looks like a monkey-man thing, 'specially when, in this picture, all his teammates are walking normally. Nani could have been in gymnastics easily.

Soccer Is Romantic Also: Part 3

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    Now, a celebration of the Manchester United players seems like an union between two lovers.

    On other views, while ex United star Ronaldo holds to tight to Wayne Rooney's back-parts, it may also seem like Rooney and Ronaldo are going to be separated by some villains like Dimitar Berbatov, Rio Ferdinand and former United player Carlos Tevez.

    And the Ronaldo-Rooney pair screams, "We cannot be separated."

    So, can it be a reason to say that someday soon Ronaldo is making his way back to Manchester?

Soccer Is Romantic Also: Part 4

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    How ironic that this picture of a heated exchange of glares between the two men could look like an extremely emotional and loving moment between two lovers.

    While Branislav Ivanovic from Chelsea looks on eye-to-eye with Nani from United, it may happen to be another scene from a movie like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where just now they are going to kiss each other.

    Blue and Red, head to head.

The Boss Is Chewing

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    Sir Alex Ferguson and his chewing gum on the football ground have been the subject of interest to millions of fans. While some say that it is going to be the end of United or world after he stops the chewing, I present to you a funnier side of the Boss.

    As United went on to become the 19-time champions, beating Liverpool's 18-time record in the Premier League, Sir Alex here chews and inflates a bubble gum which has a 19 written on it.

    I hope he can have another next year with a 20 written on it.

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