WWE News: Claudio Castagnoli Re-Signs Under the Name Antonio Cesaro

Colonel SteeleAnalyst ISeptember 16, 2011

"Very European" Claudio Castagnoli is an indie legend. Having toured all over the world, winning several titles before finding a home at Ring of Honor, it was inevitable that he would sign with WWE eventually.

Several years ago, this actually happened. However, the contract fell through and he was released without even competing in a match.

Now fast-forward to 2011.

Rumours hit the Internet that he and independent icons Colt Cabana and Chris Hero were back on Vince McMahon's radar.

People thought it wouldn't amount to anything. People thought it was just another piece of gossip that would prove false. His achievements wouldn't have meant anything to the "casual" fans—or, at least, that was the IWC's belief. His fame across the scene would be swept under the rug and he would become another face in the crowd.

However, recently, Claudio's Twitter went under reconstruction. His description now highlights him as a Florida Championship Wrestling superstar.

As everybody knows, FCW is the developmental territory of WWE. Furthermore, his username has switched to Antonio Cesaro. Thus far, he hasn't tweeted anything under this new tag, but everything else points to the obvious.

Something else that has sparked-up on Internet forums is whether Claudio is the only acquisition from the independents.

With the aforementioned Cabana and Hero being sharks in a fishing pond, and speculation surrounding hot-shots like Britani Knight and Jay Lethal, WWE could very well be going through a very fresh and very exciting roster refurbishment.