Survivor Series Results: World Heavyweight Championship Match

Chris BrowneCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Cena came out to a HUGE crowd reaction, which is surprising given the reactions hes gotten as of late.

Most of the match, to save you some time, I can sum it up here.

Cena gains momentum, Jericho stops, uses a move that adds pressure to the neck.  Jericho hits two Walls of Jericho, one of which inverted, on Cena, both of which he breaks. Thus far its been solely Jericho owning the match.  Cena hits the FU out of nowhere on Jericho, both men down, a very slow cover out of Cena, which gets a near fall.

Cena hits his legdrop off the turnbuckle, goes for FU, Jericho gouges his eyes and hits the Codebreaker, which gets a near fall.

Jericho hits two straight clotheslines on Cena, goes for third one, Cena hits drop toe hold and STFU.  Jericho goes for small package, Cena picks up Jericho, hits a second FU for the pinfall.