The WWE Finally Suprises Their Fans: Edge Returns

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst INovember 23, 2008

After months and months of WWE's product growing stale I was begging to lose hope for the WWE. I ordered Survivor Series thinking it would be just another PPV, but as the WWE Championship match began I felt something in the air.

The match was supposed to be a triple threat match, but it became a one on one match between Vladimir Koslov and Triple H due to Jeff Hardy being found "Unconscious" at his hotel.

The match began and the crowd beings various "TNA," "Boring," and "We want Jeff!" chants. HHH and Koslov trade offense in what was shaping up to be a disappointment. About 12 minutes into the match Vikkie Guerrero comes out with the biggest smile on her face and you know whats next. She announces that this will still be a triple threat match.

Then the music hits. "You think you know me." We see Edge running into the ring with a downed Triple H and Koslov. Edge hits the spear on HHH and goes for the pin and out comes Jeff Hardy with a bandage on his neck and is going to town on Edge. 

Hardy grabs a chair and smacks Koslov and Triple H and goes to hit Edge, but gets a spear for his troubles. Edge then pins HHH for his third reign as WWE Champion to the shock of the live crowd.

After a very long time WWE has surprised me. My adrenaline was pumping the whole time. Something that hasn't happened in quiet along time. Thank you WWE I hope you can do more things like this more often because I will no doubt be tuning into Smackodwn to see the after math of one of the most shocking moments in the WWE in quite some time.

Sure Jeff Hardy didn’t win, but I’m betting Vikkie Guerrero and Edge had something to do with Hardy’s unconsciousness. I am intrigued by this swerve in the Hardy storyline and look forward to the follow up.