Survivor Series Results: WWE Championship Triple Threat Match

Chris BrowneCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Vlad comes out first to no reaction at all.  Cmon man, get a positive reaction, get a negative reaction, get some kinda reaction.

Triple H comes out to the usual, Triple-H-Like reaction, as expected.  They save Jeff for last to play up the fake "Jeff was attacked last night" storyline.  Match starts without Jeff being at ringside, which is surprising.  U-S-A chants going on during the beginning of the match.

We Want Hardy chants during the match, very loudly.  Early match sucks, Armbar, reversal, headlock, reversal, Kozlov screaming like a bitch.

Five minutes later, the match has only upgraded to strikes, no different moves at all.  Until the high angle spinebuster HHH just layed on Kozlov.

Kozlov reverses Pedigree, into his headbutt, I think its actually being called the Battering Ram (How retarded can a finisher get?)

Last Call by Kozlov, near fall.  Powerslam on HHH, near fall again.

Backbreaker by Kozlov, almost looks like he drops HHH on his head. Near fall.  Second Backbreaker, near fall again.  Hardy chants are loud as ever.

Second Powerslam by Kozlov, another near fall. Theyre really trying to build Kozlov up as a decent wrestler.

We Want Hardy chants now going out, for the fourth or fifth time so far in the match that the chants have broken out.

Pedigree on Kozlov, both men are down.  Vickie comes out, announces that it will be a triple threat match.  HE'S HERE, HE'S HERE, out comes Edge, full beard into the ring. 

Spear on Triple H.  Crowd Cheers, here comes Jeff Hardy. beating the hell out of Edge, grabs a chair, Edge ducks, he hits HHH, then Kozlov.  Swings at Kozlov, Edge Spears Hardy, then covers HHH.  Edge, yes EFFIN EDGE wins the WWE Championship.