5 Reasons Why the New York Giants Will Beat the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night

Jeff ShullAnalyst ISeptember 16, 2011

5 Reasons Why the New York Giants Will Beat the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night

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    The New York Giants and St. Louis Rams clash on Monday Night Football for their first meeting against each other since 2008.

    The Giants and Rams are reeling due to injuries and blowout losses in their first game of the season, so both will be clawing for that first notch in the win column.

    The Giants have had some success against the Rams in years past—in two games the Giants have won by a combined score of 85-37, and Eli Manning has averaged a 125 passer rating.

    However, these are completely different and young teams, so you never know what might happen. This slideshow will feature five reasons the Giants prevail over the Rams on Monday.

It's a Prime Time Home Game

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    The Giants are playing the Rams at home under the bright lights of Monday Night Football; they will be able to feed off the crowd and overall energy to give them an added boost.

    Every now and then, having a home game doesn't mean much, but when you're going against a second year quarterback and a young team, it's going to make a difference.

    MetLife Stadium is going to be rockin'.

Rams Injuries Possibly Just as Bad as Giants

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    The Rams had a horrible run of injuries in Week 1, almost as much as the Giants were forced to go through prior to the start of the season.

    The Rams lost eight players on Sunday due to injury, and many of them may not play this week. Starting RB Steven Jackson is probably not going to play, though he remains optimistic; starting WR Danny Amendola is out at least one week and probably more; starting corner Ron Bartell is out for the year with a neck injury; key reserve defensive end C.J. Ah You is also out for this week's game. It's already been a long season for St. Louis.

    Some other players that are day-to-day and expect to play are Sam Bradford, the opposite starting corner Bradley Fletcher and starting right tackle Jason Smith.

    Bradford threw on Wednesday, so he will likely be in the lineup, but Fletcher and Smith are still question marks.

    If there is anyone who can feel the Rams' pain, it's the Giants, but these injuries weaken their lineup significantly and I don't know if they can recover.

    Yes, I did predict a win for the Rams back in August, but so much has chance since then. I don't know if the Rams have the strength to compete in this game anymore.

Justin Tuck Is Coming Back

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    After having a while to reflect, as bad as we think the defense played, they actually played better than we should have expected.

    I mean, they only gave up three scoring drives, with one touchdown being a pick six. They looked horrible on those three scoring drives don't get me wrong, but they looked great at times as well, particularly the defensive front.

    Getting Justin Tuck will only help to mask some of the problems behind the Giants' front four, and with him and Jason Pierre-Paul getting after Sam Bradford, the defense will play much better.

Eli Manning Will Bounce Back

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    Eli Manning definitely did not have his best day on Sunday against the Redskins. He went 18-32 for 268 yards and a crucial interception.

    Admittedly, he didn't have much help and I believe his teammates know that. The offensive line won't have as much trouble with the Rams defensive line. Also, signing Brandon Stokley will finally give Eli a dependable receiver to work the slot, and the running game will be better at home.

    All this will lead to a better day for Eli, who has to take some of the blame for Sunday's loss. He's better than that and he knows it, he just needs to show it on the field.

Plain and Simple, the Giants Are Better

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    With both teams looking the way they do on paper, the match up seems to favor the Giants. Both teams are ridiculously banged up and coming off losses, but I don't think it will be a blowout either way.

    The Giants will come out fighting for their head coach and quarterback, itching to put the loss in Week 1 behind them.

    There is some familiarity with Steve Spagnuolo's defense, and I believe the offense will be able to use that to their advantage.

    Giants win 23-17